Sunday, November 06, 2016

Friday Favorites On Sunday Evening

Disclaimer: I just realized that my post from Friday never made it to the live version! Oh, well!  Better late than never!

I know, I know! We're just getting over Halloween, but pretty please?!?

I am definitely one of the few people that can be thankful and enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family while having a twinkling Christmas tree up in my living room. And the kitchen. And the movie room. And the bedrooms. And maybe even the guest bathroom. Ha! Actually, the one in the living room always goes up first {before Thanksgiving} and the others go up after Thanksgiving. I just wish that Mother Nature would bring some cooler temps so that we could have a nice, warm fire while we enjoy the twinkling lights and then I think my life would be perfect!

Here's are some things on my Friday Favorites list this week!

{one.} Some of you may remember me mentioning Kee Kee Tees last winter when I bought the fruits of the spirit sweatshirt. KKT's is a local business that specializes in inspirational graphic tees and sweats and their main purpose is to share the Good News. A few weeks ago, I stopped in one of the boutiques that carry KKT's merchandise and tried on the new fall tee. It was so comfortable!  Just like buttah! But because I'm not a fan of v-necks, I decided to wait until more of their fall items arrived. They also carry baby and kids sizes. I just wanted to mention it as a Friday Favorite because I love their brand and some of you have commented about my sweatshirt previously. Shop HERE for KeeKee tees and sweats.

{two.} If you read Big Mama's Blog, then you may remember this beautifully written piece about the return of jogging pants.  Go ahead! Read it here. Well, I now want a pair. And when I was in Walmart this past Monday searching all over the store for Alise a short-sleeved black t-shirt to wear Halloween night because somehow, someway, somebody had eaten her shirt between the middle school dance and the day before Halloween...{breathe!} and there was no black short-sleeved shirt to be found because they were all long-sleeved and it was suppose to be 100 degrees Halloween night to go trick-or-treating...{breathe!} I found a rack of "joggers." And they were oh-so cute! But listen. Even though I really, really want a pair, I feel like I'm going to gain an additional ten pounds because they really were my "fat pants" back in the day. So I opted for the crushed velvet tank instead and said, "next time" to the joggers.  Maybe Santa will read this post!

{three.} Halloween with my girls. Oh-so special this year! Until...Steph got out of the truck {Wayne picked her up and met up with everyone at our rendevous point}! The child had no pants on! Or what I THOUGHT was no pants. So picture me in my Todd Chrisley voice:

Me: Just wth do you have on?

S {just all happy and smiling}: Mama, it's my female version of Risky Business!

Me {dirty look}: First of all, we don't trick-or-treat without pants on. Second of all, you're too young to even know about the movie Risky Business, so that does not give you the right to dress up like the movie, female or male! Have you got that?

S: Mama, I DO have pants on! See? They're shorts! {as she proceeds to pull white shorts down from under her white shirt}

Me: Really, Stephanie? There are little kids running around here everywhere!

S: What?  You don't like my costume? I bet it makes you feel old, right? {laughing}

I couldn't hold it in.  I started laughing.  The kid knows how to make me laugh and get me out of a pissy mood. And that was our night! Full of fun with friends and family - and telling Stephanie to "show her shorts!" and me getting my sucker stuck to my witch hat that was as big as the Titantic! We didn't have an after-party for the first time in our ten years of celebrating Halloween together, but it still made for a perfect evening! I'll share more pictures next week.  Here's me, Alise and Steph and I'll be sharing more pics from our Halloween this week. For scrapbook purposes, of course!

{four.} I bought this leopard clutch last week for $19.99 and I love it! Purple Peridot is a fun, little on-line accessory boutique and I've loved everything I've bought from them! Follow them on Instagram for daily deals and new arrivals!

And that's all I got, Peeps!  Enjoy your weekend!

Roll Tide!!

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  1. Thanks for the link for the tees! Love them.