Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ October 2016

I'm just gonna apologize now for no pictures to this post, but it's because Stephanie has my laptop. She's working on a "huge paper" for one of her classes.  But if you follow me on IG and SC, then you're pretty "caught up" on what we've been up to anyway! 

What We're Eating This Week...I thought I would share a few things that we've eaten lately instead of our menu for this week {because I don't have one! Ha!!}. If you're crazy for Italian like we are, I suggest Easy Baked Ziti. I also suggest using the two cans of red sauce.  I actually made this recipe a few weeks ago and froze it for another night and when we tried it, I told Alise we had another favorite pasta dish {besides spaghetti and lasagna}. We took leftovers to work and school the next day. Another great recipe I've tried this month was Six Sister's Ritz Chicken. I used the extra tenderized chicken breasts and they turned out so well. Definitely a new family favorite. I tried my best blog friend, Emily's, Tomato Basil Soup this past Saturday and it was so darn good! And last but not least, I tried this Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe Sunday night and it was delicious! I was a little wary of the tomato-y topping, but the family loved them!  

What I'm reminiscing about...Alise had her first middle school dance a few weeks ago. After changing her mind multiple times, she finally decided to go as a black cat. We usually visit a local pumpkin patch to take pictures every fall, but this year I've decided not to. Baby Girl is growing up waaay too fast!

What I'm loving... While I was off work enjoying my mental health days, I finally caved and bought a pair of peeptoe booties. And I'm loving them! The brand is new to me, but the booties are so comfortable.

What We've Been Up To...Football and cheerleading! But the season has finally come to an end. I have to say that I've enjoyed all the pep rally themes this year {Good job, Skippy!} and the Pink Out was one of my personal favorites because Alise finally got to be a flyer in the cheer stunt. She has been so patient all season and it finally paid off!

What I'm dreading... Nothing.

What I'm working on...My Christmas shopping. Baby Girl is finished! Can you believe that?! We're doing things a little different this year as far as presents go and I'll share more on that later in another post.

What I'm excited about...I never thought I'd be a basketball mom, y'all. Seriously. I still don't totally understand it when it comes to plays, but my girls love the game! For Alise, it's a sport that she and her Daddy enjoy together because he is one of the coaches for her school team. Of course, Stephanie has played all her life and is in the thick of practice right now herself. Last night, Wayne and I were deciding which road trips we were going to make to see Steph play this season, so I guess I'm getting excited about basketball season. Go Mustangs! Go Warhawks!

What I'm watching and reading...Since last month, I've finally gotten on the "This Is Us" train and guess what!  So has Wayne!  I mean, he's not a die hard fan, but he likes to watch it with me. A show that we've both gotten into is "Timeless." I guess we both like it because of the historical aspect. I finished reading, Damaged by Lisa Scottoline. I had no idea that this was a series, but I plan to return to it sometime soon. I also read Andrew Gross' new novel, The One Man and I really liked it! Right now I'm nearly finished with The Widower's Wife. You can check out what other books are on my to-read shelf by clicking here.

What I'm listening to...Still rocking with Prime Country on the XM. I listen to Hits One with Alise and Hip Hop with Steph when she changes the channel. Which is usually the second she gets in the car.

What I'm wearing...Wish I could show you! I'll save the wardrobe pics for another post!

What I'm doing this weekend...Our church's college department is coming to our house this weekend to make and bake pizzas in the pizza oven.  We're also having a bonfire that night.  I'm going to the movies with my girls to see Madea {heaven help me!} and we'll be carving pumpkins on Sunday afternoon!

What I'm looking forward to next month...The Alabama versus LSU game! Mistletoe Market with my friend, Jennifer. Having a weekend to myself when Wayne and Alise are hunting with friends at their camp! I've GOT to make plans for Thanksgiving!! Oh! And I'll be putting my Christmas tree up in about two weeks, too!

What else is new...Alise made all A's on her report card for the first nine weeks.  I may have had a glass of wine that night to celebrate! Whew!  It was a tough nine weeks! I'm a little bummed that because Halloween falls on a school night, that we won't be having an "after party" at our house like we've done for the past ten or eleven years.  The girls are older now and we, the parents, made the executive decision. But I'm still bummed.

Bonus question: What is your favorite Halloween memory/picture/tradition? Seriously, y'all, I was already working on a post for this before I saw the question so you'll just have to wait until next week!


  1. HI darling!!!! Yay to All A's GO Alise!!!! We have been watching Timeless too although I fall asleep and have to catch up later, thank you DVR. Cannot wait of text holidays, it's like HERE as I've seen 2 Christmas commercials, lol. We are getting an artificial tree for the first time in years and I am excited to put it up!!! The pizza oven party sounds so fun and so FALL!!! LOVE!!

    1. Girl, we had a real tree until Alise came along and now I wouldn't give anything for my artificial PRE LIT tree! Can't wait to see all your Christmas decorations! You always do it up right! And beautiful, too! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!! Those stuffed peppers sound so good! My grandmother use to make some and I loved them, but I've never attempted my own.
    Oh my goodness, those peep toe booties are adorable!!! Did you get black or taupe?

  3. I got the black peep toe booties and love them!

  4. I just got a pair of peep toe booties too. Congrats to Alise on making all A's!!

  5. Loved all of this. No pictures, no worries. We are the same way with This is Us. I've gotta watch it, and Michael likes it as much as he can like a drama. We both like Timeless, although we are behind on that one. I'm so impressed that you're already starting Christmas shopping. I better get on the ball! Also, I'm in the middle of One Man. Like it so far, but it's been a busy week so I have slowed down on reading it. Have a great week!

  6. Well, it was a great post with or without pics. But, you are so busy that I get tired just reading all that you do and seem to keep a healthy balance. We really do need to meet for lunch sometime. :o))

  7. Such a fun post - I always enjoy these. Love that you're having a pizza party/bonfire this weekend! I need to watch This Is Us - everybody is talking about it. Hope you're having a wonderful week!