Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thoughts On Thursday

Short and sweet this week, peeps!

On Tuesday night, I kid you not, I dreamed of positive and negative integers. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing them. That's because I spent THREE hours that night studying with Alise for her math test {that she failed the quiz on earlier in the week}. I could REALLY go off on a rant here about how the quiz was nothing like the homework she's been having and that's why we spent three hours stuying for the test, but suffice is to say, I won't. I WILL say that I did a whole lotta praying yesterday and leave it at that!

Bought me some suede knee boots, y'all! I'm in love!

Wayne has been trying to get our yard mowed for three nights now and it ain't happening. That's because he has to be a referee when he gets home. So sad!

The fair is in town. It doesn't compare to some of y'alls, though. Just sayin.

The coach talked to the cheerleader, so we're having a better week with the bullying situation.

S got her jersey! They have to "earn" their playing jerseys by beating a running time. She was so excited yesterday morning! I'm so proud of her! We went to lunch yesterday to celebrate that and the fact that she got great news from the doctor about her hips! Lots of prayer going on for that request, too!

The weather has finally begun to cool off here. That is, if you consider mid-80's cooler. Just the low humidity is a win for this mama!

Have not jumped on the This Is Us bandwagon yet, but only because I haven't had time. I actually recorded Tuesday's episode, so hopefully I'll get to watch this weekend to see what all the fuss is about!

And bless y'alls hearts, but I'm just not a pumpkin person.  Sorry.  The closest I get to eating or drinking a pumpkin is one sitting on my kitchen island every year. Which reminds me that I need to buy some and finish my fall decorating!

Peace out!


  1. Glad the coach spoke up to the bullying situation.
    I love pumpkin - but will always choose apples over pumpkin :)

    1. I would definitely have apples over pumpkin any day!

  2. I am SO not a pumpkin girl either and the whole PUMPKIN SPICE is my life is so annoying. Of course if I actually liked it, I would be singing a different tune.

    It's finally in the 60s today in KY and I am pretty sure I'm hearing angels singing!

    1. Ha! Hope you're wearing something cute today to celebrate the cooler temps!

  3. I can't wait to see how you rock those suede boots!! Sounds like a fun fall/winter purchase to jazz up your closet!!
    Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us was awesome, but if you can find the first episode online I'd recommend watching it first. It's sooo good!
    You're almost to the weekend, girlfriend!! You can do it! :)