Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thoughts On Thursday

Just a few thoughts for today. Nothing big or earth shattering! Except for Tuesday night! Ha!

So, first of all, the split with Angelina and Brad. I hated it when he married her so I'm feeling no love loss for the divorce.  They were together longer than I ever thought they would be. Would love to see him back with Jennifer Aniston, but alas! After all this time, she's finally hitched now, too!

I'm seriously considering crossing over to the dark side and getting an iphone. But it has to be a big one. I LIKE big phones and I cannot lie. My old Samsung Note is driving me nuts most days. We're also thinking about getting Alise a phone, too. Still not sure I'm ready to go there yet, either.

I hate that I missed the documentary on the JonBenet Ramsey case.

So did y'all see it? Alise had NO homework Tuesday night! We didn't even have to study for one test! I felt like a new woman that night! I didn't have supper plans, so I just took a casserole out of the freezer and stuck it in the oven and about an hour later, we had lasagna and garlic bread! I got a hot bath, enjoyed a glass of wine, and watched not one, but TWO episodes of a show Wayne and I are watching together!  I kept saying, "This is so nice! This is so nice!" I wish I could have more nights like that!

I finally bought something in olive, even though I don't think it's my color at all.  More on that next week.

I haven't worn boots yet. Not even booties.  But I've decided it's ON October 1st, whether it's still 90 degrees outside or not!

As much as I absolutely HATE it, we're doing the reading fair because Alise needs the extra points.  I was OH-SO hoping we could skip out on this wonderful activity. However, I have put my foot down and utterly refused to do anything but buy the supplies she needs to finish it. #mamastired

Got some cheerleading bullying going on. I know my kid can exaggerate and is a drama queen, so I'm trying to give it some time and get some perspective about the situation, before I have a talk with the sponsor, who is a good friend of mine. I never would have thought in a million years that I would be in a situation like this because it's not how Alise is.  She's one to tell ya like it is. But I think age has got alot to do with the situation and she is not the only one being bullied. I can't say alot about it right now, but I have talked to the other mother and we are both in agreement.

Big Baby Girl is conditioning, practicing, running, going to treatment, and studying all the time. I'm putting on all the weight she's dropping. I miss her, but it's only the beginning. We'll only be able to see her at games during basketball season. She is so stinkin' funny! I'm so glad God brought her into our life. Still praying for her, too.

That's all I got, peeps! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Your homework free evening sounded wonderful! Am glad you took full advantage. The Brad and Angelina break up was satisfying to me-- I hated the way they got together and the subsequent way she flaunted their relationship in their early days. But I do feel sad that this ugly break up is happening after 6 kids.

    1. I feel the same way about their relationship, Liz. I think I lost respect for him when he cheated on Jennifer. Happy first day of fall!

  2. Oh gosh - bullying - what is wrong with the world anymore? YOu hear so much of that. What's the point?

    I never cared for Olive much myself - & then maybe 2 years ago, I've become obsessed with it. I think it just takes adjustment.

  3. I feel like I could comment on every single one of these!
    I haven't worn boots yet either, but we're expecting some rain this weekend, so I may atleast bust out my rain boots & put on a pot of chili!! Eek! I can't wait!
    I'm sorry Alise is going through that! Raising a girl is hard!!! Absolutely the hardest thing I've ever done! It's a roller coaster of emotions everyday! And like you, I've got a good one. I can't imagine what some parents go through.
    I can't wait to see your olive purchase. I bet it looks great! :)

  4. Oh, I have no patience for bullying in any shape, form or fashion. Talk about Momma's claws coming out. Have mercy!!!! Why can't folks just "be kind." I see you did freeze some lasagne and know you were thrilled to have that meal ready in a jiffy. Good girl!! Happy Friday!!!!

  5. I am so with you on Brad and Angie...I have not watched a movie with either of them in it since he cheated on Jennifer Aniston. It made me so disgusted, you would think we were actually real friends.
    On the bullying, I would not tolerate that at all. I understand waiting a little bit though, praying it gets resolved soon for your sweet girl.

  6. I could comment on all of these! I tried wearing some booties last week and just about burned up! I love my iPhone. Getting your kid a phone is such a big step. It opens up the whole social media/texting pandoras box. Right now we are using a talk/text plan and they can use wifi at home or school. Sorry to hear about the bullying. :(

  7. I haven't worn boots yet either for the same reason - its too damn hot! But like you I said Oct 1. We'll see! I bet you can rock olive because your complexion is great for it! We're similar. Of course I say that and have I donned olive yet? Nope. Having girls...JESUS take the wheel so I can drink the wine. My daughter is nine and we had a bullying issue in kindergarten and first grade. Generally, I roll my eyes at the term bullying (worked in the classroom for 13 years) but I actually got to witness it and it wasn't just my kid it was a picking of girls getting ravaged by another girl who probably grew up in a house where that was the norm. Nip it in the bud. Glad the big girl is getting her game on and doing well! You have a good weekend, sweetie! xo

  8. So I'm behind on reading some blogs, but I have a lot of thoughts on this post. Ready?
    1. I wish I'd watched the Jon Benet docu too. Dang it. Maybe it will be on Netflix? Hopefully?
    2. I'm SO wanting to wear booties. I have a few pair, but don't love any of them. I need to just bite the bullet and buy what I want. Right?
    3. I "had" to coach cheer one year for high school. It was the worst year of my life. The girls were absolutely terrible.
    4. Brangelina. I'm with you. I hated them together and no love lost. Karma sucks, right?

  9. I hope the bullying situation gets better. I don't keep up with celebrity happenings, but I especially disliked Brad and Angelina. They just seemed smug and I hated Angelina's excuse that they "just happened" while Brad was married before. Those things don't just happen.

    1. I totally agree with you, Robin!