Monday, September 19, 2016

Middle School Rant & Update

Middle School is tough.

And I only have my friends to blame for my assine thoughts that things were going to be so much better than elementary. I've been dupped! Last year, their kids were getting to attend football games, basketball games, bonfires and even everything NOT school related while me and my kid were studying our butts off and trying not to drown in 5th grade projects! I was told middle school would be so much better...not as many tests or homework.  SIKE! I dreamed of being able to run errands after work or enjoy a TV show in the evenings because we didn't have any homework. SIKE!

By last Wednesday night at 9:00, I needed a stiff drink. Alise and I had been studying since we walked through the door at 5:30 and she STILL didn't know the difference between a solid, liquid, and a gas and she's had this crap since third grade!! I was mad, I was tired, and I was aggravated. And we still had seven pages of history notes with words like Mesopotamia and Nebuchadnezzar to study. I finally had to pass the rest of the study session off to Wayne and went and got in a warm bath. I needed to be alone and just get over the situation. I had an ugly cry. And no wine to go along with it!

Maybe I'm too old, but I simply can't work all day, chauffer and carpool like I'm doing now, run from activity to activity to game and then back home to study and make sure she gets in bed at a descent time so she won't have a migraine at school. That's our life right now. We run. And we're all exhausted. This is my middle school life. I can't even beat her over the head with a notebook anymore because I'm simply too tired.

It's taken me seven years to finally realize that my kid probably won't graduate with a 4.0 like I dreamed she would. But she better get that scholarship to the University of Alabama!  Ha! I don't know how kids do it with the cheerleading and all the sports and still have some semblance of family life. And then I stop and think, "Okay, what matters most?" And then I feel guilty because I know I'm wanting her to live MY dream and not the dream that God has planned for her. I simply can't let go.

We're struggling in reading. She made a C on a test last week.  The kid has never had a C in reading, but it has always been our weaker subject.  And I don't understand it because all it is is reading a story, learning a few vocabulary words and taking a comprehension test and Alise has never struggled with comprehension. I think she's trying to read too much into the questions and not going with her first instinct. Anyway, her teacher stopped me at the ballgame Thursday night and said, "You have the sweetest daughter." I said, thank you and that I think I needed to come by and see her.  She said, "Yes, you do that. Come see me." Ms. W gave me the impression that she knew Alise could do better. So thankful that we have caring teachers at our school.

In other news, my parents came to watch Alise cheer last Thursday night at the JV game!  She was so happy to see them even though she wasn't feeling well.  I think she's getting my sinus infection!

Friday's pep rally theme was Tacky Prom and Alise was miffed that her squad didn't get to wear ugly dresses.  All in good time!  I thought they were still cute!  Ahem! I mean, tacky!

Friday afternoon, we celebrated Ashton's birthday and later that evening, we were back at the stadium for Friday Night Lights! S is becoming a Mustang fan!

On Saturday, it was all about my girls.  I spent the morning with S running errands with her and the afternoon was all about Alise.  She insisted on a Mommie/Daughter date at our favorite Italian Bistro and that's exactly what we did! Then we swung by Ulta for new mascara because of course!  All cheerleaders need to look on point! Wayne and I sweated the football game against Ole Miss, that afternoon and then S and her friends showed up to watch the ULM football game in the movie room and hang out. I made tacos, brownies, and honey bun cake at their request! I think they had a great time!

Love having my girls together under one roof! I'm still amazed at their relationship! They are truly sisters! I love how they support each other in their different sports. Alise loves to have S at her games and S gets the biggest grin when she sees her little sister wearing her ULM basketball t-shirt. 

On Sunday, God rested and so did we!  This mama needed it! I took supper to my friend, Kristin, and got my Brady fix. I dropped Alise off at church so that she could go to a "Happy Hands" party at our church.  When kids accept Christ as their Savior at our church, they get to put their hand prints on the wall of our children's wing. Alise was so excited to get to do this! It was a proud Mama moment, too!

And this middle school mama is truly learning to live for the weekends!


  1. I feel like middle school was easier than elementary, but maybe it's because I had a baby when Kendall was in 6th grade, and another when she was in 8th grade, so I was just distracted and eased up a bit. You could always try that! ;)
    I love that happy hands mural! What a great idea!! Have a good Monday! Here's hoping the teachers go easy on homework this week!

    1. Haha! You're so funny, Emily! There will be no more Horton children!

  2. Oh the struggle...I wanted my kids to be so much better than I was. I was smart but lazy. Unfortunately they have to want to do it for themselves most and in the long run kids who learn to do it for themselves will do so much better in college. I ask my kids how things are going and definitely will help them study if I need to but they are pretty much on their own. Neither of them are going to win a scholastic scholarship more than likely...nor did my others...but in the end a college degree with a 4.0 and a college degree with a 2.8 (mine) resulted in a succesful job. :) Momma...take it easy on yourself and don't waste the time you have with your girl being stressed out. She's gonna be fine!

  3. Middle school aint for the week. Its why I love to work in middle school ministry because its SUCH a trying time of transition.
    Some brains just dont get a certain subject. They tend to either be a math brain or an english brain. Funny how we're all wired differently.

  4. I'm so sorry this time is hard! Praying for you!!

  5. My girls are grown, but I always say I have loved absolutely every season of parenting except maybe 7th grade. ugh! It gets better though, so hang in there.

  6. Hang in there...she will get a studying routine going and hopefully things will get easier. Besides, she looks cute as can be in her cheer pictures...looks like she's having fun!

  7. I feel bad yet don't feel bad that I complained and moaned over hours upon countless hours of homework with the boys.....because they told me they are being overwhelmed and that HS was a piece of cake compared to college. But guess what in college, mama ain't been a helping and as much as I miss them, I do not miss that. So I tell ya girlfriend....there's light, yes, light in the years ahead!! It will get better and both girlies are just so darn YOU!!