Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ August 2016

I feel like I have totally fallen off the blog wagon this month and there is a part of me that feels guilty about it and a part of me that really doesn't. Guilty because I really do enjoy my blogging therapy, but I've been enjoying this stage of our family right now, too. I think I missed July's WUW, so I'm back this month to share what we've been up to. Here goes!

What We're Eating This Week...Guess what!  I made a menu!  Eek!  So proud of myself! And even though I don't plan on cooking every night, I at least have a plan and a shopping list! This week we're enjoying Cajun White Beans & Rice {my favorite alternative to red beans - bleh!}, Crockpot Pork Tenderloin, Left over Pulled Pork Sandwiches, and Taco Cups.

I've been doing some browsing about preparing freezer meals and trying to find some new make-ahead recipes that the family will love. Any comments would be appreciated! I'm also planning on trying Pioneer Woman's Shephard Pie for the very first time ever. Every time I've mentioned it, Wayne has turned his nose up {not a casserole kinda guy!}, but he is a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy so I thought I would try it!

What I'm reminiscing About...Absolutely, totally forgot to do a Through The Years Post this month! But for the life of me, I can not get over how much Alise has changed in just this month it seems!! I swear, I put her to bed the night before middle school as a little girl and when she woke up the next morning, she was a tween! Lord, help me!

What I'm loving...My family knows that I can be pretty sarcastic at times and one of my favorite sayings is, "Nope! Ain't happenin'!" And this crazy shirt keeps popping up on my FB feed so I really think it's calling my name!

What We've Been Up To... Alise had her first "dress up" pep rally last Friday and I had to miss it because I have been so swamped at work. And it especially broke my heart - meltdown mode, y'all! - when friends started sending pictures to me later that morning. My Baby is growing up! If I had a dollar for every time she told me, "Mom!  I've got this!" last week, I swear, I would be a millionaire! Her squad were tigers for the "Welcome to the Jungle" theme and she got to meet her Little Sisters for football season.  It seems so weird for her to be a Big Sis after all the years of being a "little one."

What I'm dreading... Our extra-curricular activity schedule tomorrow.  It gives me a migraine just thinking about it! I truly need a chauffer for both my kids!

What I'm working on...Just trying to get back in a routine! Family life was hard last week.

What I'm excited about...I'm excited about all the great things that are going on in our family right now {and that's why I'm working on it!}. Even though last week was an extremely tough week, we are smack in the middle of some good times! Alise is cheering and doing what she loves; S's world is changing, too {see below}, and I'm trying to just soak everything in and be happy for my girls.  I'm looking forward to watching Bama football with Wayne this's just all about family right now, and this Mama's happy.

What I'm watching/reading... We weren't die-hard Olympic watchers this month, but if the TV was on, that's the channel it was turned to. I kept up with the events either by watching or social media. Don't get me started on the whole Lochte fiasco or the Gabby Douglas bashing, though.

I am reading the best book I've read in a really, really long time.  Ya'll remember that I've been in a reading slump for the past six or seven months, and I'm so excited to be enjoying one of my favorite hobbies again! I found this book just browsing on Amazon and it is so g-o-o-d!! Check out The Neighbors Next Door by Shari Lapena.

What I'm listening to... Prime Country on XM channel 58. The Garth Brooks channel starts September 8th.

What I'm Wearing... Shopping my closet and pulling things out that I totally forgot about. Like my denim vest! Thanks, Shelly, for reminding me. Bring on fall, Lord. Soon, please.

I wore this outfit on our date night this past weekend.  Wayne, my photographer, was making me laugh so that's why I'm squinting.

What I'm doing this weekend... Football, football, and more football! Alise has a game Thursday night, Friday night and then Alabama plays on Saturday!  Eek! We're just going to enjoy the long 3-day weekend by the pool with friends.  I see a great grilled burger in our future and maybe some corn dip, too!

What I'm looking forward to next month...Cooler weather and no mosquitos!!  Ugh!  They're horrible here!

What else is new....S got accepted to a sorority this past weekend!  Sunday was bid day and if you saw my Snap, you were probably wondering what the heck was going on! I've never been to a Bid Day before, so it was an experience!  But I loved every minute of it! I am so excited for S and proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone and trying something new. I am just so amazed at how much she's grown over the last several months and she was so beautiful and happy and all smiles on Sunday. I also got to meet her Bid Big Sis, K, and she is just precious! S's teammates came by, too, to see her and that made her day even more special! Do I look like a proud Mama in my pearls?!

Life is good for the Horton's and I'm thanking God for all His many blessings!

See ya Friday!


  1. Hello cold shoulder hot mama!! Looking good for date night and cutie patootie in dem pink shorts!! Oooh so much to look forward to and I'll be saying a little cheer for Alise that Thursday goes great!!!! xoxoxo Hugs sista!!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks, Girl!

  3. Your girls are adorable! It looks like they're both off to a great start to the school year. I can't wait to copy your cute maxi/denim vest outfit. I have all the same pieces in my closet. Thanks for the inspiration! I enjoyed your "what's up" post. Have a good day:)

    1. Hi Amy! Yes, the girls seem to be off to a great start if this Mama could just breathe a little. Our schedule is cah-RAY-zee right now! Would love to see your spin on the outfit!

  4. Its so hard to get back in routines. Hang in there.
    I NEEEEEED that NOPE shirt :)

    1. Ha ha, Rebecca Jo! We could be Twinkies!!

  5. I always feel guilty when I don't blog, too. Then I'll stay up and work on it, like I'm going to get ten points counted off if it's late or something!
    I've made Rachael Ray's Steak House Shepherd's Pie a few times & it was really good! I'd definitely recommend it. I'll have to check out PW's recipe. You can't really go wrong with her!
    Both of your girls had big weeks last week! I know you must be so proud!!

    1. Ewww! Wayne might like a steak version better! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check out that recipe!

  6. I'm impressed with the amount of blogging you do along with everything else you do. Super Woman! Sounds like both of your girls have a big year ahead of them. Blessings to you!

    1. Ha ha, Lea! Super Woman I may times! I sent Wayne to the grocery store last night with a list, which is something I hardly ever do just because I feel like it's my job. But he said he would much rather go to the store than do homework, so I drew the short straw. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    We are doing football this weekend too ! My favorite time of the year !!! Enjoy your weekend !