Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Drink Up!

Greetings from Dallas, y'all!

By the time you read this, I'll still be snoozing because chances are, we got into Big D pretty late last night.

Don't hate.  If it wasn't for Shreveport, I might be up right now.  But seeing how it is that some of the best Mexican food in northeast Louisiana {these days, at least!} is 90 miles away - and on the way to Dallas! - I can't help BUT blame Shreveport! Superior Grill rocks, y'all!  And so do their margaritas!! One cannot go to Dallas, pass through Shreveport, and not stop at Superior Grill. OR sip one of their margaritas.  Because that's all it takes. Just sayin.

So, yea, we're in Dallas, and in a few short hours, I'll get to see my Baby Girl that left on a trailways bus Tuesday morning at 4:30 headed to cheer camp! The same Baby Girl that dissed me - and in a tone I didn't like - told me, "Mom!  I've got this!" Yea, that kid! Heaven help me, I still love her, but her independence these days is taking a toll on my heart.


Today is Friday and I'm sharing my favorite drinks for summer time. It's gonna be a HOT one, y'all! Summer, I mean.  Get ready! Drink up!

{one.} This past weekend, we stopped at Sonic for drinks before we made our weekly grocery store run. 99.9% of the time I'm in the car, I have a drink with me.  And it ain't water.  It's usually a Diet Coke. So anyway, we stopped at Sonic and I wanted something different, so I ordered the new frozen lemonade and loved it!  Now, it was a little tart at first, but once you get past that, you're good. I've even tried the frozen strawberry lemonade and I think it's my favorite. I can tell as the days heat up, these drinks are going to be so refreshing! Steph and I enjoyed sipping them by the pool last weekend.

{two.} And speaking of drinks, last week when S and I were running some errands for Alise's birthday we found the mother of all margarita machines!!  Get a load of this! Where I live, we like to refer to our margaritas as, "grown up green icees" and this is the bomb. dot. com. of a "grown up green icee machine"! Price tag: $350!

{three & four.} The girls were over Wednesday night and I was bound and determined to try something new beverage wise.  I opted for Spiked Strawberry Limonade Spritzers - because it sounded cool and refreshing and with the humidity up and our plans to sit around the pool that evening, the name alone sounded so refreshing. I also opted for Hippie Juice, because...well, just because. I wouldn't consider us hippies, but we like to have fun like that!

{five.} Of course, one can never go wrong with water and lemon and I've been actively buying lemons the past few weeks in hopes that I wil drink more water in the mornings and evenings. So far, it's actually working! Go me!

{Bonus.} This is totally off the drinking subject, but one of my favorite food bloggers is now featuring a Menu Plan Monday linkup on her blog every Monday. You don't have to plan an entire weekly menu, just link your favorite recipe!  Simple enough.  I just love Christy!  I've been following her for years and have several of her cookbooks!

Meal Plan Monday Linkup! TONS of recipes to inspire you!

Here are some of a few bloggers that I'll be linking up with this week: Tuesday Talk, Friday Favorites, 5 on Friday, Party At My Place, Waiting on Wednesday.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  I'll be back next week!  


  1. HA I'm laughing because your daughter sounds like mine! Sassy as can be right now. And we aren't even near 13 yet! I used to keep Sonic Happy Hour rolling for slushies back in the day. They had one that tasted exactly like a Pina Colada and girl...oh my goodness. Thinking I need to get that margarita machine....Happy weekend!

  2. Food and BEVI's..your are speaking my language sweet friend of mine!! The big out, Laura be rocking your house!!! That Alise cracks me up, so sophisticated and chill in a lil 11 year old package!! Have a fabulous reunion and may your weekend be filled with all the things you love hot mama!!

  3. Welcome to Dallas! I wish we had some better weather to offer you this weekend. I hear Sunday is suppose to be nice, maybe you'll stick around until then. I hope you and your daughter have a good reunion. I love how absence makes the heart grow fonder, and even though she's "got this" she may still realize she missed her mama a little. Oh, and thanks for reminding me about that Hippie Juice. I think I pinned that a while ago, but never made it. It sounds like the perfect patio punch! Have a great weekend. Safe travels!

  4. My fave from Sonic is the Cherry Limeade! Add some vodka & it's the But that margarita machine looks like a very sound investment to me. Fiesta at the Horton's pool! And for the mason jars of Hippie Juice...that has my name written all over it!!!

  5. These all look delicious!!!!!! Sonic is my absolute favorite, especially during the summer!! I just saw that the frozen lemonades and limeades will be .79 all day this Wednesday!!!!!!! I will most definitely be making a stop (or two) there tomorrow!!!! ;)

    1. Hi and thank you so much for your comment! Glad to meet another Sonic fan! Ha! And yes! I heard abut the frozen drinks, too, and I will be getting one at some point today!

    2. Hi and thank you so much for your comment! Glad to meet another Sonic fan! Ha! And yes! I heard abut the frozen drinks, too, and I will be getting one at some point today!