Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ April 2016

So today is the last Wednesday in April and you know what that means!  I apolojize if some of this is on repeat, but it's our life lately!  Thanks for joining me!  Linking up with Mel at The Larson Lingo.

What We're Eating This Week...Let me start off by saying one of THE funnest {Ha! If that's even a word!} cooking memories I've had this month is getting S in the kitchen to show her how to make tacos and brownies for her roommates and some of her teammates. It was a fun Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago and even though it doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to follow the directions on the back of a box, I promised our next cooking lesson would be a little more "involved." Since then, she and some teammates have gotten together for what they call "dinner and a movie" and have actually cooked together. I think it's awesome! Last week, when Wayne and I were out of town, she was blowing up my phone to walk her through the chicken fahita recipe I tried recently and that she loved.

Later this week, our Life Group from church is coming over for a Taco Bar and chicken fahitas. It will be Mucho Mexican for everyone this Friday night!

What I'm Reminiscing About...I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm still missing Hawaii. For us, it's like no vacation or anniversary will ever compare to our 20th. We celebrated twenty-one years just the past weekend in one of our favorite cities, Memphis, and we had a great time because we were together {although Baby Girl was quite miffed that we left her at the grandparents for the long weekend!}. I love this man so much and I'm looking forward to many, many more years of happiness!

What I'm Loving... Life in general.  Life is good and everyone is happy.

What We've Been Up To...Well, since last month at this time, S survived Miami. I really thought when she left to head that way, that Miami would never be the same without her, but I seriously think it's the other way around! Miami-1, S-0!  Ha! I'm just glad she made it back "home," even though I know it was hard for her to leave her beloved Sunshine State! In other news, I lost my mind one Wednesday night and the whole Horton clan played hookie from our nightly routine and went to watch the ULM softball team take on La Tech.  Great game and great family night for us! About a week ago, all the girls and I went to the zoo and spent the afternoon laughing and having girl time.

What I'm dreading...Nothing actually.

What I'm working on...My woman cave is still hanging over my head like a huge, dark cloud! I was making progress and then life happened. I WILL do this! Wayne is also working on getting the pool back in shape for the summer.  Can't wait to see sparkling blue water again!

What I'm Excited About...I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm excited that the school year is only about three weeks from being over for us.  In three weeks, we'll be saying good-bye to elementary and in three months, we'll be saying, "hello" to middle school.  Maybe I should have saved this one for what I'm dreading? Ha! Either way, I'm excited about the beginning of summer.

What I'm Watching/Reading...Absolutely nothing.  I picked up a smut book at the library, y'all, IN the "new books" section just because I had the will to read, but no luck with finding a book.  I can't even get into a smut book! Don't judge. It's actually not that smutty. My reading rut continues to linger.

What I'm Listening To...Back to my 80's & 90's stations on XM, I AM. If you follow me on Snap Chat, then you get to see the "Song of the Day."  Sometimes there's two if they're playing some really good music on my way to work. S use to ask if she could change the station when she got in the car. Now she just changes it.  If Wayne is in the car, he won't let her change it to her hip hop, but makes her listen to the Hair Nation station.  Alise thinks it's hilarious! OH!  And Wayne and I did some serious jamming to Prince's old hits this weekend while we were away.  Good times!

What I'm Wearing...Leopard and mint for Spring! A little lavender and lace inspiration, and white palazzo pants and turquoise for church!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...A mani/pedi is on the agenda for first thing Saturday morning and I can't wait!  I recently had the shellac polished removed so my nails could "breath" for a few weeks and I haven't had a pedi yet this season, so I'm definitely looking forward to my "me time." Like I said earlier, our Life Group will be spending time at our home this Friday and I'm excited about spending time with my close friends that walk through life with us.

What I'm looking Forward To Next Month...Baby Girl turns ELEVEN next month!  Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?  Please slow down!

What Else Is New...Our school is sponsoring a Powder Puff game for the first time ever this Thursday night and Annie has asked us to come. Our prom was this past weekend and Annie was chosen as Queen.  We are so proud of our Big Sis! Alise has had problems recently with a classmate cheating off her and I encouraged her to have a talk with her teacher about it.

Stop by tomorrow for my weekly Confessions post!


  1. Oh girl, I just love seeing what you been up to! Mr. Nine and I were seriously jamming to Prince Friday night as well, we had a little dance party in the living room! I love that sweet picture of Alise and I cannot believe she's going to be 11, middle school years here she comes and she's going to be fierce! I want to visit your woman cave and lay in your sparkly water pool with you!

    1. Next time you and Mr. Nine decided to have a dance party to Prince and the song, 1999, is involved, I best be getting an invite! Ha! Would LOVE for you to come for a visit, but the woman cave is off limits, my friend! HA! It's truly that bad!

  2. I just love those girls were inspired to start having a dinner night! I really need to get back to having people over more. I worry way too much about my house and not being able to present stuff well. Loved all your anniversary weekend pictures...y'all are adorable.

    1. I use to worry about my house, too, Shelly, but life is too short and friends mean too much! Love that Steph is breaking out of her hard {very hard!} shell and being a friend. She was blowing up my phone on our anniversary to ask how to cook something and I loved every call. Wayne? Not so much! Ha!

  3. I still dream about our first trip to kauai - so fun. such a dream......

  4. I'm also looking forward to summer...some lazy days by the pool sound like fun after all our rain. Congrats on 21 years...that's quite an accomplishment!

  5. "Smut books" you crack me up. I'm actually working on your post for Sunday and your hair trick answer, making me laugh! You are a hoot!