Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Confessions ~ Take 7

I confess....When I signed off on Monday, I had no plans of confessing anything today, but then again, Thursday just wouldn't be Thursday without my weekly confessions! Linking up with Jessica.

I confess....We - I mean Wayne - has YET to mow our yard and it is DRIVING ME INSANE!  I want to hire a lawn boy and have someone come out and refurbish our flower beds, but Wayne refuses.  He wants to do it himself. He also says that you're not suppose to mow the grass before Easter so you can hide Easter eggs.  I hate to break it to him, but we're not in the "hiding eggs" stage any more. Every time I turn into our driveway, I just cringe.

I confess....I have not switched my closet out yet for my spring and summer wardrobe. It's not that I'm still hanging on to winter, it's just that every time I THINK about doing it, the weather turns cold again and then I'm doing the happy dance because I still have my warm clothes to go to.

I confess....I'm over boots, though.  Haven't worn boots in several weeks.

I confess...I've never called 911 before.  Until this past weekend.  Luckily for us, I hung up before the call went through. Let's just say that we had a little "episode" with a house guest who seriously blacked out. This person fell from the stool they were sitting on at our kitchen island to the floor so quick.  I have never been so scared in all my life!! This person finally "came to" after about a minute and we're thinking it was a sugar issue. Everything is fine now.

I confess...In other news, S was talking to her trainer this weekend while she was at our house and I heard her say, "I'm at my mom's." From the girl who has no mother. I nearly cried. The same girlie who is off to Miami - freakin' MIAMI! - TODAY to see her friends and go to the beach. All I can tell her is, "Don't be stupid, S!" I asked Wayne if I could go as a chaperone and he looked as me like I was crazy. Never been to Miami. Never been to Florida on Spring Break.

I confess....I need a new book to read.

I confess....I'm craving roast instead of ham for Easter lunch.

I confess...Where has Scott Baio been all these years?!  Under a rock?  So he says he's supporting Donald Trump.  Alot of other actors are, too, so why is he so special?  I don't get it. He's still a cutie, though.

Okay, so in the words of my friend, Meredith, I am "Peace Out" for the rest of the week.  Have a great Easter!


  1. Have a great weekend! And love his thoughts on not cutting the grass so you can hide eater eggs. Lol

  2. New books to read, hop over to Tuesday Talk and you will have many to choose from in my post! I am reading a great novel called Tiny Little Thing! Takes me back to the sixties! Happy Easter

  3. I confess you are my favorite curly haired blonde ever!!! I need a new book to and a drink to sip while reading, lol, like now!! Ha ha! I always LOVE your Confessions, especially the part about Scotty Baio, I hope you have an "Egg"cellent Easter weekend full of fun, love and laughter!!

  4. girl...I feel you on the yard! Thankfully I do have a lawn guy and he finally came last week before I lost Dutch in the backyard. My flower beds though...oh goodness how I need to find time for that! I'm reading Still Alice right now and cannot put it down and I read the Choice over spring break and really loved it too. Hope you have a beautiful Easter.