Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

I am happy to report that the greatest procrastination project of the YEAR is finally in the books! Y'all know what I'm talking about! That &%@*$!&$*#@%#$ Science Fair Project! AND...I am also happy to report that NO alcohol was involved! AND the only slight disagreement that emerged was the one where Mr. Horton and I argued over what type of plate to use for the experiment.  The instructions called for paper and I only had styrofoam {Hefty - the only brand I use}, so of course, HE had to go to the store and buy PAPER plates, but other than that, the project - AND REPORT - is ovah and in the books!  Done! Take THAT Science Fair! {If there was a fist bump emoji in Blog Land, I would totally be using it right now!} Ok, but I DO hafta say, that burnt chocolate really, really stinks! We had to open all the windows to get that nasty smell out of the house!

Our weekend started on Thursday with Alise and I cheering on the ULM Ladies from COURT SIDE, baby! We have become quite good friends with one of the marketing directors for the college and when he saw Alise and I in our regular seats, he asked if we would like to sit court side because the person who had them would not be attending and told him to give the seats to someone else.  Of course, I was not as gung-ho about it as Alise was!  She was dying to sit on the court and I kept seeing a replay on social media of me getting hit in the face with a basketball, but I caved and we did it!  I won't say that just about every time the ball got thrown our way that I didn't jump, but it was a fun Mommie-Daughter moment, none the less!  Both our girls, S & D, got to play so it was fun cheering for them and being so close to the action! You probably saw this pic on IG!

We had some night time drama later that night at our house.  When we got home, Alise would not let me out of her sight!  I had to sit in the bathroom with her while she got a shower.  Then I had to stay in her room while she got her night clothes on.  I was like, "WHAT is the deal?!  Why are you so scared?  Why are you acting this way?!"  The fifth graders started the DARE Program on Thursday and apparently there had been a rather graphic video of drug use/abuse and it scared her to death! We are very careful with what we let Alise watch on TV and although we've talked with her about drugs and alcohol, she's never "seen" anything like she did at school and apparently her eyes were opened!  I wanted to send a text to our moms group to find out if anyone else was having a kid with a night time meltdown over the video, but I texted her teacher instead. Jessica said the video was a little rough. I finally got her calmed down and we talked about what she had seen and the whole "just say no" thing, but she still had to end up sleeping in our bed. I texted Jessica back that if one sleepless night kept her off drugs, then I could handle it. It was a rough night.  As her mom, I didn't want to blow off her feelings and fears, and I'm learning with Alise that most of the time, she just wants me to listen to her. Since she didn't get much sleep, she called me Friday afternoon with a migraine. {sigh}

Saturday afternoon, we were back at Fant-Ewing for another game. And another nail biter! ULM won and afterwards, we took S to lunch - D already had plans - and I gave them their "prince cakes," which is just a smaller version of the traditional King Cake.  I bought them at Tummy Yummy, and I got a text later that night from S that said, "OMG!  That cake is so good!"  She had never had one before {Bless her heart!}. We ran errands later that evening and then came home and had family movie night with Alise.

Our big Mardi Gras parade was on Saturday night, but we bowed out like we usually do.  Not big Mardi Gras people, and we'll just save that reason for another post. However, a friend of mine was the King this year and the photographer that takes Alise's portraits was the Queen.  Congrats to both!

On Sunday, we went to church and then Alise went home with a friend afterwards.  Wayne treated me to Olive Garden for lunch.  We split the new Tour of Italy option where you can choose three dishes and it was perfect to share for lunch! Got my pasta fix for the week! We came home, took naps, Wayne headed to basketball practice, and I read a book.

After Alise got home from practice, we had to hit the books pretty hard for tests this week. This is our last week for basketball games, too, and we have THREE!  Eek! I'm ready for the season to be over. It's time for the next sport!

Baby Girl and I whipped up these bad boys this weekend!  Now that January is over, I'm ready for Valentine's Day!

Of course, Sunday evenings just wouldn't be complete without a little PBS entertainment! I'm loving Downton Abbey this season! The whole Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes engagement and wedding has been so, so sweet. And I'm TOTALLY digging Lady Mary's new man! Wow! I'm still watching Mercy Street, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to hang. It's not quite what I was hoping for, but I hate to give up on a show so soon!  Wayne and I are still watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, that is, when he isn't watching college basketball on TV.  Ugh!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I agree about Mercy Street. It just hasn't grabbed me, and I think I'm going to move on to greener pastures. Looks like a wonderful weekend, especially those delicious cookies and a nap after lunch.

  2. Mmmm those cookies look delicious!

  3. Glad the science project is done. I remember those days! I want one of those cookies right now!