Monday, February 29, 2016

I Think I Found Myself A Cheerleader

I wanted to be sure to post today, February 29th, because it will be another FOUR years before I can post again on this date. I'm weird like that! Happy Leap Day, everyone!!

I have to warn you, this post is for the scrapbook!  So if you're not interested in how my Baby Girl became a JV cheerleader last Thursday, then I would love for you to come back another day to visit. Today it's all about her! Back in November, I wrote THIS POST about our cheerleading experiences and you can read it again if you like, but this post is mostly about Alise's try-out day on Thursday.

When I went in to Alise's room on Thursday morning to wake her up, nostalgia hit me as soon as I opened the door  and I felt like I was walking back in to her lavendar nursery.  I said, "Good morning, Sunshine!" and that head immediately popped up!  Just like it did when she was nearly a year old. Alise has always been a morning person.   She gets that from me, I guess. She rolled over and I could see her smiling beneath the covers.  "It's try-out day, Mommie!" The excitedment had already started and she hadn't even gotten out of bed.

When I dropped Alise off at school that morning, a text began circulating between the tryout moms as to whether or not we would be helping our daughters get ready later that afternoon.  Apparently all the girls can get dressed by themselves and a few didn't even want their moms around, but I knew that I wanted to be there because I wanted to see Alise one more time before she went into the gym. So when my GYN appointment ran long that afternoon, I was booking it to school to say one more final, "Good luck!" to Baby Girl.  I walked in to a bathroom full of girls with mixed Bath & Body scents, and fumes and fumes of hairspray! The girls were primping at the mirror and I was so relieved to see that Alise took my advice and went "easy on the makeup!"  My beautiful baby girl looked sixteen! I gave her one final hug and she ran off to the gym with her friends.

For all the JV tryout moms, this was our first rodeo.  Tryouts were closed, so we stood outside in the cold wind for over an hour and a half watching the girls come and go between the gym and cafeteria (to wait their turn). I would be lying if I told you that we weren't nervous and excited, too! Girls would walk out of the gym after their performance and we would be like, "Is that my kid?" "Is that girl crying?" "Does she look upset?" Needless to say, there were no tears and all the girls were in good spirits. We drove home to wait on the results, which were suppose to be posted on our school's website.  Before we drove into the driveway, my phone began blowing up! All the girls had made it! Alise cried.  I cried.  And later that night, Wayne took us out to dinner to celebrate!  He was happy to have a cheerleader to go with his basketball player!! All we both really want is for Alise to be happy.

Our favorite Big Sis in the whole wide world, caught me before tryouts and said she had something for Alise. Apparently it's the "thing" at tryouts for friends to give friends who are trying out small bouquets of flowers {note for next year!}.  Annie gave Alise a simple, but gorgeous bouquet in a mason jar with the sweetest note!  We just love her!  She has been so encouraging and truly like Alise's big sister. They always have a hug for each other!  We're so happy that Annie will be attending med school at UAB.  We will definitely be visiting her when we pass through Birmingham in the future!

Here are some pics from our afternoon!

I am so proud of Alise!  She has wanted to be a River Oaks cheerleader since she was in Pre-K4 and she has worked oh-so hard this week. It's pretty amazing to see your child's dreams come true!


  1. You know how TICKLED PINK I am about this!! Hugs to you and sweet, beautiful Alise!! Dreams come true!!

  2. Okay, I think momma bear is more excited than her cub! Truly am happy for you both. It takes a lot of hard work and the nerves that go with it, as you know...Let the games begin now! Get your carpool, cheerleading, basketball shoes on and have fun along the way! Happy, happy!!

  3. Congrats and way to go Alise. Awesome!!!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting the next few years will be for all of you :-)

  5. So exciting!! Congrats to you BOTH! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Congrats!! So exciting! May is our month!! Fingers crossed!!

  7. Congrats to Alise! I know your whole family must be so proud!

  8. Congrats to your girl...and you momma!