Thursday, February 25, 2016

Confessional Thursday ~ Take 3

I confess...Our water got turned off last week!  Can you believe that?!  And before you think it's because we didn't pay our bill, it wasn't.  When Wayne confronted the water people first thing Friday morning, they said, "Oh! We're sorry. We turned it off at the wrong house." We went an entire night without water and had to go to my parent's house the next morning for showers.  Not fun.

I confess...that I've been listening to Hip Hop music, as I mentioned on Wednesday.  Not all the time, but more than I ever have in my life! I'm an 80's and 90's girl with a little country thrown in. I only listen to it when I'm in the car by myself.  I saved the XM channel and when Alise asked what station Hip Hop was, she wanted to listen to it.  I told her when she was twenty-one she could. 

I confess...I made brownie ala modes for supper earlier this week.  You can't beat warm brownies with ice cream and strawberries.

I confess...that I made a 96 on my science fair report.  I got four points deducted because we only did the experiement ONE time instead of THREE.  #whatthewhat. Look, chocolate stinks when it's burnt and I wanted that smell out of my house!  No WAY was I doing that stupid thing two more times!

I confess...that I had no idea who Kesha even was until I heard that Taylor Swift gave her $250,000 for "support."

I confess...I want to relive my teenage years and buy a denim mini skirt. They're back in style for spring.  Unfortunately, my bigger a$$ isn't!

I confess...It's been years since I've worn perfume due to my migraines. I've been sticking to my ever faithful Amazing Grace and Pure Grace scents from Philosophy, but lately I've been sneaking in a few pumps of Pleasures and Beautiful.  I just have to be careful not to use them when I know they are more likely to cause a headache. Having said all that, I guess I'm glad perfume doesn't have a shelf life.

I confess...I'm nervous about Alise trying out for cheerleader later today. She's nervous; I'm nervous that she's nervous; she's nervous that I'm nervous because she's nervous.  Big day in the life of Baby Girl!

I confess...Thank you all so much for your texts Tuesday night asking about us during the storms. My readers rock and honestly care and I love y'all for that! It rained all. day. on Tuesday and most of the bad weather was south of where we live. I was so happy to see the sunshine on Wednesday morning!

I confess...I'm really loving the lace up flats that seem to be EVERYWHERE this spring! The reviews and posts that I've read say they really aren't that uncomfortable.  I see a pair in my future very soon!

Thanks for reading my confessions today!  I'm linking up with Jessica over on her blog, The Newly, and you can read more confession posts there. I hope everyone has a great weekend!  


  1. Good luck to you BOTH today on the cheerleading. I thought of you too during the national weather alerts. Not sure what part of LA you are in, but it seemed it was all over the map. Wonderful choice for dinner - sundaes! We use to call them backwards dinner.

  2. I'm happy your family was spared the severe weather! Good luck to Alise and to you too:) My girl cheered for 12 years, competitively and high school, and I remember all too well the rattled nerves of tryout day!

  3. Good luck to your girl!! Seriously had no clue there was bad weather..I'm terrible about watching any news whatsoever. Beautiful is the only perfume I can wear that doesn't give me a headache. Hope you have a super Thursday!

  4. Good luck to Alise...she's going to rock those tryouts!

  5. Wish we could go lace up shoe shopping together! You know I'm praying for baby girl today, sending her all kinds of positive vibes from a former middle school cheerleader and I feel Great vibes on this one! Do you think Mr. Nine will care if I put brownie sundaes on the menu list for next week? Ha ha. Hugs to you and Alise both!!!!

  6. Good luck to Alise on tryout day. It really is nerve wracking for all involved!

  7. I am loving hip hop as well lately. I listen to the 90s hip hop station all the time now. So good. Good luck to your daughter!!! And now I am craving brownies ala mode as well. So good!

  8. I have already purchased a pair of lace up flats and can't wait for warmer weather to start wearing them:) We realized this month that we TOTALLY forgot to pay January's water bill!!! Out water never got turned off (shockingly!) but when we realized it, you can get we got online asap and paid both it and February. I will never know how the water company let us go almost a month without paying, but I am thankful for that oversight. Will not be forgetting again anytime soon:) Thanks for linking up today!

  9. Okay, not gonna lie...I laughed when you mentioned the water being cut off. Say what?!!! That's crazy!!! I know my reply for yesterday's post is probably a little late, but I wish Alise the best. If I know that child, and her momma/daddy, like I do...she is gonna rock it! Keep us posted. Praying.

  10. Your posts always make me smile ;)