Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Catching Up Big Time

I'll go ahead and warn you that this post is pretty long and totally out of order, just like my brain, but whatevah. If you want to know what we've been doing for the past two weeks, then please keep reading.

1. A few weeks ago, S and I went to the movies to see The Boy. She likes scary movies and I don't, but I sucked it up and offered to take her because I knew she needed a breather from her dorm room and needed to get away from Latin for a night {they also had the day off from practice}. She was SO excited and texted me first thing that morning, asking if we were still going. We ran some errands at Target, went out to eat, and then headed to the theater. Bottom line: Watch it on Red Box. Or pass altogether. We both jumped a couple of times, which was funny, but it's not worth going to the theater to see. Still had a fun night, though, with one of my favorite and VERY tall basketball players! I feel like such a midget when I'm standing beside her! A guy hit her up in the check out line at Target and asked if she played basketball.  She told him she played golf. Funny Girl! Please continue to pray for my friend.

Image result for the boy movie

2. And speaking of basketball, our middle school season came to an end last Thursday night. ALL our school teams ended the season with wins that night!  It was awesome! Jennifer and I had to work the concession stand before the 5th & 6th grade girls played.  We handled the run on dill pickles and popcorn pretty well I think!

3. A few weeks ago, I bought some sample sizes of Dermalogica products to try and I have to be honest and say that I'm not impressed. I bought the Pre-Cleanse and the Cleanser.  I was first introduced to these products at the nail salon, but I bought the samples at Ulta. Who has ever heard of a "pre-cleanse?" Why an extra step?  Anyway, other than because it removes your make-up really well, I wouldn't suggest buying them. I get the same results with Neutrogena.

special cleansing gel

4.  I did buy these hammered circle earrings last week at the direction of Sheaffer and Melanie. You can't beat $12!  They arrived last week and I love them! I also ordered some cute fringed wedges while I was dying on the couch a few weeks ago!  Well, if I DID decide to kick the bucket, at least I would die in cute shoes!

5. Superbowl weekend ended up being Mardi Gras break for us.  Alise got invited to go to Dallas for the long weekend with Ashton and even though Tom and Jennifer are very dear friends of ours, I was really worried about her being so far away from home. I missed her so much, but she had a blast and she deserved to have a fun weekend! They went to a jump zone, an aquarium, swam in a heated pool, went ice skating and ate at some really great places that we don't have here.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't feeling well at. all. that weekend, so Mr. Horton and I stayed in and binged watched Friday Night Lights and ate leftover pizza. Late Saturday night, we started getting texts from S & D.  They were bummed because their flight got canceled, and after the loss, they were just ready to come home. S asked if she could come over and wash clothes on Sunday and that's when Wayne decided that I needed to suck up my sinus infection {literally} and cook on Sunday for the game to cheer them up. He grilled sliders and I did some baking and everyone was happy. Especially Jack!  He had two precious girlies loving on him in Alise's absense and he was in Heaven!

6. So it's been a while since I've been a single girl, and when I mentioned to D & S during the Super Bowl that the next Sunday was Valentine's Day, they both rolled their eyes and said how much they hated VDay. S said, "I'll probably just being doing laundry, anyway. Can I come over and do laundry again?" I laughed, but my heart went out to them, so Alise and I went shopping and made them goodie bags.  They loved them!  Wayne decided to "cook for my girls" on Valentine's and grilled steaks with baked potatoes and salad.  He even bought a cake from a local bakery! My man rocks!  And he makes a mean steak, too! "His girls" were stuffed and happy! We ended up playing cards until late that night and I learned a new game called, "Spoons." I had no idea that girls could be so competitive in card games, too, and when you throw my very competitive husband and semi-competitive ten year old into the mix, well, I just bowed out gracefully.

7. I bought an adult coloring book a few weeks ago.  I decided it was time to jump on the 'adult-coloring-book" band wagon that everyone else seems to be on these days.  Ask me how many pages I've colored. Zero.

8. Last week Alise and I had our very last Mother's Valentine Lunch at school.  Such a sad day for me. Here we are six years ago at her Pre-K4 lunch. I just love that Kool-Aid and Cheeto stained face!

The entire fifth grade dressed in tie-dyed shirts and sang for us and they did such a great job!  I got a kick out of how many boys were actually singing {maybe two}! Baby Girl knows me too well! When she came back to the table to finish her lunch, she said, "I saw you crying, Mommie."  Yes, Baby Girl, I was. I've got to learn to treasure these days.  They are going by so quickly! I am SO proud of this girl! Even when she's sick and not feeling well, she makes my heart smile!

9. Well, it was bound to happen!  Wayne and Alise both came down with the sinus infection. I took Alise to urgent care on Thursday night.  We actually left the ULM basketball game early because she started feeling worse and drove straight to the clinic. We got there just in time for her to be sick and I immediately began thinking flu, but the doctor said it was just a bad sinus infection {I think she actually got a migraine and didn't tell me because she wanted to see S & D}.

Mr. Horton, on the other hand, wants the whole. freaking. world. to know he's sick and kept me up ALL night Thursday night because he was drowning in snot! I finally booted him out of the bed and he fell asleep in the recliner in the living room and blew the roof off with his snoring!  I was still awake when the alarm went off at 5 AM!  I knew Alise felt bad when she said she wanted to stay home and miss her Valentine party on Friday.

10. Saturday was Pink Out and we were sportin' our pink for our favorite girls!!  Well, at least Alise and I were! This pic cracks me up!  I feel so short!  My hair adds a few inches on top!  Ha! We love, love these girls! S had her best game yet! We joked with the girls about their pink uniforms.  They hated them, but I personally loved them! Loved cheering, "GO PINK!" We celebrated after the game at a local restaurant.

Love Baby Girl so much!  She was feeling a little better on Saturday. I can't believe I left the clinic without a script for an antibiotic, though.  It has taken her much longer to recover.

And THAT is what we've been doing for the last two weeks! Just spending time with friends and enjoying being and doing what we love together as a family. Life is good!


  1. I love the catch up!! Mr Nine is the same way when he is sick. Oh such Pretty in Pink girls!! Love your heart!! And I about teared up thinking it's your last mama daughter vday at school.....time so precious and so fleeting....Have a amazing day gorgeous gal!!! xo

  2. Love hearing what you guys have been up to. A lot of the same around here!! I have yet another sinus/cold/crap whatever...why do my moms insist on sending their snotty/croupy/feverish kids AFTER I sent an email saying please don't send if...UGH!!!!!! And, thank goodness Mr. J hasn't gotten it...he is a terrible patient!!

  3. My goodness, you've been a busy gal! Enjoyed hearing about your last couple of weeks. Hope it's a great week ahead for you.

  4. Glad you are caught up and thing are well. You all look short in that picture but I do love your hair.

    1. Ha ha, Michelle! Short indeed! Wayne is 6 foot, S is 6 ft 3 in, and I can't remember how tall D is. I'm thinking 6 ft 1. Anyway, I'm nearly 5' 3", and Alise is 55 inches {I know this because they measured her at the doctor's office last week}. So, yes, we're really short when it comes to the older girls. As for my hair, thank you! I had gone earlier that morning for a color and cut and Anna straightened it for me! Hope you're having an awesome week!

  5. Maybe a little downtime now that the dreaded science project is done and basketball is over! I totally remember those Valentine days between marriages...blah.

  6. What is it with the guys and being sick? My husband is such a baby when he comes down with anything. Hope you're all feeling better now. Love the picture with all of you in pink!