Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Chapter

Our weekend actually started Thursday night with a basketball game.  Alise was able to "play down" with the 4th graders {The team is made up of 4th-6th graders and Alise is the only 5th grader} and she played point guard for the first time in her entire life! I know absolutely nothing about basketball, but I know that's the person that "brings the ball down the court," and in our little world of small, private, middle school, it's a BIG freakin' deal! I was a nervous wreck all day, just worried how she would play, but that's me.  Well, I'm happy to say that she did great in that position that night, had no turn overs, and finally scored for the first time in her basketball career! I WISH I had a pic of her face when she scored!  Absolutely PRICELESS! It was definitely a proud Mama and assistant-coach Daddy moment!  I wish my late father-in-law could have been there! Winning the game against our rival was just the icing on top!

On Friday night, I can't tell you how close I came to throwing Alise's backpack through a window! The first week back after the holidays, a 4-day week, and we have not one - the &*@# SFP - not two, BUT THREE FREAKIN' PROJECTS!!!  AND EIGHT TESTS THIS WEEK! We spent TWO hours Friday night working on a project!  I was NOT happy!  That was NOT how I wanted to spend my Friday night!  Let me just say that teachers are not high on my list right now.  This is crazy and so unnecessary! I won't be a bit surprised if there are parents lined up outside our Principal's door first thing Monday morning after some texts that were going around this weekend between the 5th grade parents! I was also extremely pissed off to find out that not only do I have to do a damn science fair project, I also have to do a REPORT to go with the project!! A report that includes about eleven different subtitles!

And people wonder why people drink!!

Saturday morning found us BACK at the basketball court but about 45 minutes away from home. This time, I decided to bring the Nikon and actually took some pics but I'm not a good photographer. Does this picture give you any kind of indication the size and experience of girls we're up against?  Alise is number 10.

I just love this picture even though it's not clear. Alise was dribbling down the court and Wayne is in the background. He enjoys helping to coach her team, but let me just say that it's hell being a coach's wife!

Saturday wasn't as good a day for us in the winning category, but our team is so young and most of the girls have never played before.  I just know we're going to keep improving and be even better next year!

Since our game was in the same area as Wayne's UPS route, he wanted to take me to a few boutiques that he delivers to. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling that great, so I really wasn't in the mood for shopping {Gasp!  I know!} so I didn't buy anything.  We grabbed burgers, curly-que fries, and ice cream at a popular dive in town and then headed home to spend the rest of the afternoon studying for our eight tests! Wayne built a fire and we spent the evening watching the premiere of Downton Abbey {again} and football.

This morning, I woke up with a very bad headache. We didn't make it to church.  I made some cinnamon rolls and we spent the morning studying {again} in front of a warm fire.  Alise has been begging Wayne to go hunting and today ended up being the perfect day to go! She was SO excited!

So while Baby Girl and her daddy were in the woods, I stayed in my pjs, fed the fire, put home-made spaghetti sauce in the crockpot for supper, read a book and napped.  It was just what the doctor ordered {I think!}!

We didn't get to see our big girls this weekend and we missed them very much. Alise has gotten so attached and I think they are the reason she is enjoying basketball so much. D & S had back-to-back conference games at two different colleges in Arkansas and got back in town late Saturday night. We thought they may just want to chill, so we didn't bother them except for a few texts. They are busy these days with two-a-day practices and another conference road trip this weekend. Please pray for these girls. They come from different backgrounds and experiences and we may never know why God has placed them in our lives right now, but they are very special to us. One is far away from home and doesn't have a car so she has to depend on her teammates to get around. One is not in a healthy relationship and it just breaks my heart. They both had to learn the hard way what not eating before practice will do to you. And yet why they choose to hang out with me and Wayne is beyond me, so thank you for your prayers!

I hope everyone has a great week!  We'll be cheering Alabama on tomorrow night in the National Championship Game from the theater room! Roll Tide!!


  1. We spent the weekend watching basketball....wish Carly Jo would give it a whirl. She looks sooooooo happy to be going hunting with her daddy!! I love that. Good luck tomorrow night!

  2. Owen is signing up for basketball for the first time! I can't wait to see him play. Love the pics of Alise, basketball and hunting! My Sunday was pretty much the same as yours! It was rainy and windy here and we stayed inside and relaxed all day, it was perfect! Have a great Monday!

  3. #10 has got it going on!! On the court and in the woods! Ahh The days of being a coach's wife, it was always football for me but so hard sometimes especially when you hear the parents run their mouths! Way too much homework mom, ridiculous!! Not right!! So will be thinking of you all day today, watching with ya tonight, roll tide and I can't wait to call you the champion! We have a college meeting at the school tonight, why in the world would they schedule a meeting on the night of the national championship? So my husband says were sitting in the back and sneaking out before kick off!!!!

  4. I think you did a great job taking pictures! Action shots are hard! How fun that he is the coach.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  6. Hope you're feeling better. Sounds like a fun weekend - minus the homework! Congrats on the Alabama win!

  7. Hope your migraine has migrated! Love that pic of Alise and her Wayne in the woods. All those tests and projects are crazy! And the girls on the other team look WAY bigger than RO. The basketball pictures look great. It is so hard to get good lighting in a gym!