Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pre-Birthday Weekend

I was so happy to come home Friday evening to a clean house and NO school project to surprise me unlike the Friday before! Woohoo! We celebrated with Crockpot General Tso Chicken - without the crockpot. Unfortunately, this recipe is no longer available on the internet, but I have it on my ipad and actually make it using popcorn chicken in a skillet. Would you like the recipe?  We love it! Alise has been begging for this meal for weeks and I've been putting her off.  #badmama #slacker

Crockpot General Tso Chicken:

We were all in the bed early Friday night because we had to be at the basketball courts by 7:30 Saturday morning!  Ugh!  Who plans these games? Unfortunately, we got to the gym and I realized that my camera battery was dead, so I didn't get any pictures from our games.  We lost the first one - it was at 8 AM, go figure.  I think all the girls were still asleep! - and we won the second game.  I took this picture for D and sent it to her since this was her ala mater.  D was as excited as Alise was to play for her old school! The ULM lady Warhawks also had a nail-biter on Saturday!  The game was on ESPN 3 and it was awesome, coming down to the final seconds! ULM won by one point on the road!

On Saturday afternoon I had a manicure appointment. To my local peeps, I can't say enough about Pampered and Polished, y'all! I don't think I could ever go back to a mall-type nail salon again.  I've been going to P&P for nearly a year now and I have never had a bad experience.  I never have to wait and the staff is very friendly. I'm still loving the gel nails, too.  The polish really does last like they say it does.

I had a hot date with this cutie Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. We got dressed up and went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. We'll celebrate with Alise next weekend.

I'm happy to say that we finally made it to church for the first time in 2016! A friend from our Life Group sent me the sweetest note on Sunday and it made me cry. I had no idea that I had made a positive influence in someone else's life. I believe God knew that I needed to hear those words from Tracy for my own spiritual walk. It's okay that I'm not Super Mom.  It's okay that I don't have it all together, because what I DO have together is working for His honor and glory.

On the other end of the spectrum, y'all remember the story how I told you Wayne and I met?  Guess who we ran into at church yesterday!!  THE ROOMMATE!  He was with his family - absolutely beautiful daughters - and I think I was just shocked to see them since they don't live near our church. We're all still friends, so I played it cool. Because it is cool.  Weird, but cool. I mean, how often do you run into an ex-boyfriend at church?! I swear Garth Brooks' song, "Unanswered Prayers" ran through my head.  Not in a bad way, because it was cool, but I was reminded that God certainly knows what He's doing because they have been married for over twenty years and Wayne and I will celebrate 21 years in April. But I won't lie and say that God doesn't also have a funny way of "rewarding us."  Roommate is from a family of all boys.  He was blessed with two girls.  Ha!  Three women in the house! I love it! He deserves it!

After church, we went to Newk's for lunch. I loved all their Mardi Gras decorations! The sad thing is that I think they've changed up their soup rotation and I didn't get the Tomato Basil I was craving. Oh, and my child doesn't believe in wearing coats when it's 10 below outside.

Alise had a birthday party for one of her best friends, Kate, on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately for us, we don't get to see Kate everyday because she is attending another school this year and we miss her very much! She had a bowling party and Alise and her friends had a great time celebrating a friend that she's known since Pre-K4!

Sunday night, I got to celebrate my birthday with the girls at Roma - my new favorite Italian restaurant!  We had SO much fun and laughed our heads off!  Until Jennifer got the call from Ashton that one of the family cats was stuck under the boat dock. Ha!  Not "ha" about the cat, but "ha" that the evening got cut a little shorter than we had expected.  The girls gave me some awesome gifts and I loved them all! They're the best and we always have a great time together! And I just want to point out that I had leggings on under my dress.  Those are NOT my bare legs!

This is a picture of my birthday dessert that we all shared. It was so yummy!  I feel like I ate the entire weekend, but looking back now, I guess I did! I'll be walking it off soon enough.

Before I end, I thought I might need to clarify #4 from my post from yesterday. I promise I wasn't drinking at 8:05 in the morning! The bottle of wine was for future consumption.  And, actually, the bottle is still in the fridge.  I'm too much of a slacker to pop the cork. Ha!  Actually, I'm not very handy with a corkscrew and I end up wrestling a glass bottle and nearly poking the corkscrew through my hand, so I leave all that hard work to Mr. Horton.  I do better with a screw top.  That sounds like something a redneck would say!

Also, it seems I have picked up some new local readers and I don't know whether to be happy or scared. Leigh told me at dinner last night that she was reading and I was like, "What?!" I asked her how she found my blog and she said it was through my Fashion Over 40 Pinterest Board. You may find it hard to believe, but I am a very private person and I don't advertise my blog or do much on social media.  I started this blog nearly ten years ago and it still remains our family scrapbook, but those of you that have been reading for a while know that I can throw a hissy fit on here with the best of them! This is me. And this is our family, so welcome! 


  1. And I love who you are!! Such a stunner in that leopard coat, like a movie star!! So glad you got to be celebrated in fun ways, cannoli's are one of my favs!! So cool about the Pinterest board, I better get pinning!! Happy Day Before your b-day gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea. I love my leopard coat, but Mr. Horton hates it.

  2. Love your leopard coat! It looks like your birthday week got off to a great start. I got a laugh about your leggings comment in the pic with your friends. It does look like you have bare legs! And I know exactly what you mean about having local readers. I know that my family reads my blog, but other than that not a lot of people I know "in real life" know about it. Have a great day!

    1. The more I looked at that picture, I was like, WHOA! The dress is ruffled and a little shorter in the front than the back, but I DID have a lighter shade of leggings on. Maybe I should just stick to black.

  3. So glad you had a fabulous birthday and got to celebrate it up big. Love that leopard coat. And I am dying over the leggings comment. Just to rib you, I knew that had to be leggings or tights, your legs are just as pasty as mine this time of year girlfriend!!! Love ya!!