Friday, December 18, 2015

The Force Awakens

I am so so mad at myself for not getting better pictures of Wayne and Alise's daddy daughter date night to see the new Star Wars flick in 3D! As usual, I just snapped them with my phone and for some reason, I don't think my flash was working.  Ugh!  So disappointed, but I'm so glad they had an awesome time!  I think Wayne got a little hot in the movie theater with his costume on, but he survived.

Here are some pics before they left.

I was taking a picture of Wayne and Alise when Yoda and the Jedi started photo bombing, so we asked them to be in a picture with us. If you notice, Yoda is on his knees! LOL! These guys were so awesome and nice.  Wayne regretted not bringing his light saber.  Also notice that the 'S' is missing on the word, 'Awakens.' Now look beside the Jedi's feet.  The guy was working on getting the lettering up while we were taking pics.  He said, "If y'all want to wait, I'll get the 'S' on for your pics," but Wayne and Alise were too excited to wait.

Wayne wasn't able to wear his helmet into the theater.  About the time he and Alise walked in, a 'stormtrooper' was coming out because the manager told him he had to put his helmet back in his vehicle, too.  I caught him and said, "Hey, dude, Darth Vader just went in the theater!"  He was like, "No way!" I said, "Yes!  I'm not lying, he's my husband!" So then we got a picture with the stormtrooper and his girlfriend, Princess Leia.

It was an awesome daddy-daughter date night for my two Star Wars geeks!  They loved the movie and I'm glad that the two of them got to share this special occassion together.  Alise started complaining about dressing up because her costume has gotten a little snug around the neck {and she takes after me and doesn't like things around her neck}.  I told her that if she didn't dress up, she would always regret it!  "And one day, when you're telling your grandchildren about how you and your dad went to see Star Wars the day BEFORE it premiered and you didn't dress up, you're going to feel really bad about it."  

Nothing like a mom laying on a thick guilt trip!


  1. Love the first pic of her in the 3D glasses. What a great daddy-daughter memory they made together! Have a great weekend!

  2. this is cracking me up!! How fun for them!