Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Post-Thanksgiving Post

I made it, y'all! I didn't blow myself up with food over the Thanksgiving holidays! How'd you do?

Here are some highlights from our TG week:

*Ordered pizza and watched lots of Christmas movies and Gilmore Girls.

*Louisiana has a new governor!  We voted in the run-off.

*Our dog, Jack, got a hair cut; we covered the pool for winter; lots of crackling fires and snuggle time.

*Lots of basketball practice and we met some of our teammates at ULM to cheer on the girls BB team on Sunday afternoon! They even got jerseys! And two of the players came to our practice to help the girls with technique.  Dani and Steph were AWESOME! I see lots of ULM ladies BB games in our future!

*All the Christmas trees and decor is up!  Our home looks mighty festive these days!

*Mail call from my BBFF {Best Blogger Friend Forever}, Andrea!  She sent me these fabulous houndstooth stationary and stickers along with the sweetest note EVAH! Love ya, girl! I love being able to talk football smack with her! #bamagirlsarebest I just love that hash tag!

*A new, awesome - and cheap - Christmas novel, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses.

*Lunch dates with my mom and Baby Girl.

*My secretary told me she had corningware older than me! For those of you younger than 30, here's a pic of corningware and the pattern that my mother still has to this day!

*My SIL's car was stolen from a Dallas hotel parking garage.

*I nearly went into cardiac arrest when Ms. O informed me at basketball practice that we have to do a science fair project this year. Project, smoject.  We've been at this school for seven years and we've NEVAH had a science fair and our last year of elementary the principal decides to pull a fast one! Needless to say, I'm ticked.  Anyone with a 101 average in science should not have to do a $#&% science fair project!!  #rantover

*Listening to Adele's, "When We Were Young" on repeat.  "It was just like a movie/it was just like a song" gets me every time! And when she hits that HIGH note?  I'm hitting it right with her! #inmydreams Her latest CD, 25, is on my Christmas list!

*Cleaning house.  I gave the maid the week off! #whatwasithinking

*The Christmas baking started a little early this year!  Made cookies with Alise on TG Eve.

*I put some thought into Christmas cards and if this is any indication of how our photo op went, I don't know what is! What can I say?  I began to feel guilty about my previous decision, so I ordered photo cards from Etsy.  Yay me!

*Wayne and I had a day date and went to the movies to see Love The Coopers. Then we drove by all the people standing in lines outside Best Buy and Target. Just because.

*I had absolutely NO PLANS of shopping on Black Friday, but I let a some certain ten year old girl give me the guilt trip about how she's NEVER gone shopping on Black Friday before and I caved.  Then I nearly had a Southern Style Hissy Fit right there in Bath & Body Works while holding my Peppermint Shake from Chicfila!! Needless to say, we came home soon after that and I finished my holiday shopping online!

*Football, football, and more football! Wayne grilled steaks and we watched Bama beat Auburn! Then we watched The Egg Bowl, LSWho - who I must say I'm glad they decided to keep Les Miles!  You just don't fire a winning coach! Even if he can't sing! - and Notre Dame.

*Today, we stayed in our pjs all day and I finally got Wayne to watch Friday Night Lights, y'all! We've binged watched all day!! We're hooked!

Don't forget about the Christmas link up parties I've posted about HERE.  If you know of any others, please let me know.

Merry Christmas!


  1. That Corning Ware, I know it well. Had it as a little girl and my mother still had pieces when I cleaned out her house after her passing. Oh fond memories of a few broken casserole dishes growing up.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic week!! RTR and WAY too much food over here and now I just feel blah. SO over that feeling so cracking the whip on myself now.

    1. Roll Tide, Whitney! What a game!!

  3. I love that corningware, we had that same pattern growing up!!!

  4. You were busy girlie! My mom still has all that corning ware....and she still has all the dishes that ware green and white too. That woman get's rid of notta. I saw Love the Coopers last night...was not prepared to cry but I loved the movie. Diane Keaton..she just continues to get prettier all the time. Finally finished my Christmas to figure out how to function at work tomorrow...lordy. Have a great week!