Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Post Where I Have Alot To Say

Yeah, I know.  I'm late to the "Hello, October!" party. But I wore boots for the first time this season on October 1st to celebrate!  See?

That's kinda like saying, But I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!  I still get a kick out of using the #byefelicia hashtag. Oh happy day! I told a sweet friend that I was so happy to be zipping up a boot instead of velcroing one.  I don't want to see velcro for a very long time!!  I was also glad to be in the "animal print" crowd on October 1st, too!

Grab a cup of coffee - or in my case, a Diet Coke - and get comfortable.  I have alot to say today. I'm all over the place!

Our school's youth football program had a bit of a fiasco mid week last week.  Long story short, we got our schedule for our playing times this weekend in AT&T Stadium and because our games ended up being later, parents could arrive on Saturday instead of Friday as previously thought.  So when the text went out, everyone began cancelling their hotel rooms for Friday night.  BUT...the guy who scheduled all this was under contract with the hotel because we had a group rate and now he's being saddled with everyone's hotel bill for Friday night. Fortunately for him, he won't be hit with our bill because lo and behold we never had a room for Friday night!! Something told me to call back and check our reservation because the person I spoke to about our booking was new. Oh, well.  It worked out for us and him as far as our family is concerned.  However, I don't know what's going to happen about him being charged for all the cancelled rooms!

OH!  And I'm happy to announce that I will be the proud Mama of a TEENAGER this weekend in Dallas, too!!  Annie is going with us, but Alise doesn't know it yet!  She is going to DIE when we pick up Annie Saturday morning!!  Wayne said, "You know, Laura, we're old enough, and married long enough to actually HAVE a teenager!  AND a ten year old!"  I threw him out of the bedroom for that one!

Last Friday was our "Blast From The Past" pep rally and at 8:30 Thursday night, while I'm enjoying my book in the tub, Alise comes in the bathroom sporting my flapper costume that my mom made for me in college.  And it fit, y'all!!  I didn't want her to wear it for stupid, crazy, sentimental reasons, but I ended up caving the next morning.  She wore the entire garb right down to the fish net hose!! OH! And get this!  I had the fake cigarrette holder and Baby  Girl thought it was a MAGIC WAND!!  She said, "And mama, I'm going to carry the magic wand today, too!"  I gave her this look like, WHAT are you talking about?  And then it hit me!  "OH!  You're talking about the cigarette holder and NO, you are NOT taking that to school!!"  I could just see my kid getting kicked out of a private school on a pep rally day for carrying a cigarette holder to school!! Here's a pic of Baby Girl! #saggyfishnets #pullyourhoseupgirlfriend

Another Baby Girl story...last week, our spelling test was HARD!  It was all the "i-before-e-except-after-c" words and their exceptions. We studied all week.  The great thing about 5th grade spelling tests is that Ms. O gives the test on Thursday and if the kids make an A, they don't have to take the test on Friday.  Alise was worried SICK about that stupid test on Thursday! Make sure you write this one down!....I could care less!  The kid had a 101 average, so I knew she wouldn't bomb it, and even if she made a low grade, she'd keep her A. She ended up making a 92/B on Thursday {missing two words that she had gotten right all week and correctly spelling the other 5 that had been giving her trouble!} and Ms. O said she had to retake the test.  Baby Girl said, "Mama, I asked Ms. O WHY I had to retake the test when I had a 101 average!  That's just stupid!" {Sorry, Jessica!} I told her, "That's the rules, Baby Girl!  Get over yourself and retake it!"

So I went to Dillard's one day at lunch last week and fell in LOVE with some new handbags! Perferably, anything leopard! It's been a while since I've bought a new purse and I'm way over due! You may have seen the Big Buddha bag on Sheaffer's blog a few weeks ago. When I first saw it, I wasn't thrilled and then I saw a chic walking around with one and I was like, I think I might really like that! The color I like the most in this design, though, is the pewter/gray with the brown straps. It's different. I quit drinking the Vera Bradley kool-aid a long time ago - especially when my daughter jumped on the band wagon - but when I saw this leopard crossbody I was like, OH!  This would be so cute to take to Dallas!  This would be SO cute for the weekends! And you should see the leopard cosemetic bag! It has ruffles!!  Eek!! Patricia Nash is growing on me.  Alot.  I think I like her style even more than I like the Frye bags.  Love the lock closure on number 3 below!

If you've ever wondered about BB Creams or CC Creams or FF Creams, check out Cyndi's post HERE {I also pinned it to our Fashion Over 40 Pinterest board!}!  I thought it was a great post explaining the differences between them.  At one point this summer, I had thought about trying a BB cream, and then decided not to. I'm hesitant when it comes to trying new products and brands because what if I don't like them and I've spent beaucoup bucks? As for foundations, moisturizers, and serums, I tend to stick with what I like.

On Friday evening, I had romantic al fresco dinner plans for Mr. Horton and I by the pool. Alise was working on not one, not two, but THREE freakin' projects for school {no greater time than the Friday night before the last week of the nine weeks to be working on projects!}.  However, Mr. Horton didn't get the memo and so I enjoyed my evening by the pool with a book and a nice glass of wine.

I was pinning away when I came across this little ditty and it reminded me of my Faux Pas post last week.  Ha ha!  #truth

intoxicated people, children, and leggings always tell the truth.:

On Saturday, I had a mani, pedi, and my hair cut and colored.  I felt like a new woman! Then Wayne and I watched the Bama vs. Georgia game at the cook shack while he grilled steaks!  They were awesome!

I'd have to say though, that the highlight of our weekend was on Sunday, when Alise and I went to Natchez, Mississippi, for the Fall Pilgrimage and FROZE OUR BUTTS OFF the entire day!!  It was suppose to be in the high 70's with the sun shining, so we wore shorts and dressed for the Spring Pilgrimage instead.  #pilgrimagefail  But ever since I went with my girlfriends last Spring, Alise has wanted to go, so we had a Mommie/Daughter Day being Southern Belles in Natchez.  She loved every minute of it!  We toured three of the largest homes and took a carriage ride through downtown. We had lunch at the infamous Carriage House restaurant at Stanton Hall and the food was A-MAZE-ing!  Their corn souffle casserole is to die for! We even posted our first, very amateur, Periscope video, but by the time you read this, the video will be gone.  They only last 24 hours. I plan to share some more pictures of our trip later this week for scrapbook reasons.

And let me just say that my husband rocks!  On our way back from Natchez - which ended up being much later than I had planned - I got a reminder text that I was suppose to bring a cake for Grandparent's Day the next day at school.  I called Wayne and asked him to go to the store for me and just pick up a boxed mix.  He not only did that, but he made the cake for me so by the time I got home, all I had to do was frost it with cream cheese icing!  Thank you, Wayne! #redvelvetcakeforgrandparentsday  However, I hope no one got sick because he came down with the stomach bug yesterday and had to miss a day of work.  He felt awful.

In other news, we have no milk, no bread, NO KETCHUP for cryin' out loud! How's a girl suppose to live with no ketchup?  And we have no foil. I hate when I run out of foil because I seriously hate Saran Wrap!  I cuss like a sailor over that crap!  So, needless to say, we're in deep need of a grocery store run, but I'm really trying to hold off since we won't be home this weekend, either. Why spend a bunch of money on food when it's just going to ruin over the weekend?  That's what I say.  And why bother to cook since it's just gonna get eaten anyway?  HA!

Enjoy your week, Peeps!!


  1. Laura, I remember feeling the same way about velcro after my boot came off. You are sporting these just fine. What a great time to spend time with your daughter. I enjoyed your Instagram pictures of your weekend trip. And the stomach bug, oh I had it last week and I feel for your husband. It is miserable. Yet it was a sweet thing for him to make that cake. You taught him well.

  2. Side splitting morning laughter my friend!! You crack me up!! I threw Saran Wrap in the trash and graduated to press n seal but I still fuss a bit when I open the foil and pull out a 3 inch piece. What the frick is that gonna cover? The lil Flapper!! Too cute about the cig wand!! What a fun mommy daughter day you had. And with your fresh new color and cute dress, I bet you were looking like a million bucks...maybe ten million!!!

    1. "Graduated to press n seal" not THAT cracked me up!! My mom uses that, but I can honestly say that I've never bought it! I just keep buying Saran Wrap and using choice words! Have an awesome day my fashion/pumpkin friend!!

  3. Love me some diet coke!! Enjoy Dallas - so sweet your doing a surprise!

  4. Glad you girls had fun on your little road trip. I'm super impressed you had a periscope up...I'm still trying to get with the times and I'm sure by the time I figure it all out we will be on to something greater.

  5. You are a busy woman! Love the flapper outfit on your daughter - so cute. And those leopard purses - love!!!! Hope you're having a great week!