Monday, October 26, 2015

Rainy Days & Mondays

Hello Monday & Hello Peeps! 

I've actually been looking forward to today.  I'm not even going to let this rainy day get me down because we need it so badly! Wayne is off work for two weeks and I took today off to spend with him.  We're having a "day date" and I'm SO excited!  He's taking me to breakfast after we drop Alise off at school and after that, who knows?

Here are our weekend highlights {because I know you're dying to read them!}:

  • Our weekend started with a migraine for Alise. Wayne picked her up from school on Friday and she didn't look well. Poor thing had to go through her normal coping routine. We saw the pediatric neurologist earlier last week and will schedule an MRI before the end of the year.
  • On Friday night, we went to dinner and Wayne began running a fever and having body aches (he got a flu shot earlier in the week). By the time we got home, I was having my own tummy woes, so we skipped our other plans and were all in bed by 8:30.
  • 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Wayne still wasn't feeling well on Saturday.  I had chili in the crock pot by 9:30 and we were at the voting poles by 10:00 (governor's race).  At 11:00, we were in the theater room watching the Auburn v. Arkansas game and that's where we stayed the entire day. Yelling at the big screen during the entire Alabama game! Whew that was a close game!
  • Baby Girl was feeling left out, so I watched a movie with her Saturday night.  We watched the new American Girl movie, Grace.  And when she went to bed, I headed back upstairs to watch more SEC football.
  • On Sunday, we slept in.  I know that was totally wrong, but it was raining and gloomy outside and it just felt like one of days for sleeping in.  When we finally did get moving, we ran errands and bought Alise her first pair of high tops for basketball. OMG!  My Sam Edelman leopard heels fund just went bust for Nike Hyperdunk hightops! I'm not sure if I'm cut out to be a basketball mom.
  • We did a lot of studying and Alise had a "Wanted Poster" project to finish.
  • I made this fall dessert that I found on Pinterest last week.  I had a bag of honey crisp apples that I needed to use and when I was looking for an apple crisp recipe, I decided on this one instead. It was super easy and yummy with ice cream on top!
  • I finally found and bought a pair of faux leather leggings!!  I can't wait to style them!

It's a busy final week of October for us! Y'all enjoy your Monday!

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  1. I feel for Alise, my husband suffers from migraines and it is the pits. In bed sometimes for a couple of days. Rainy, gloomy days can be the best at times. Enjoy your week and here's to hoping everyone is feeling better!

  2. Hope you are all feeling better! And girl there is never anything wrong with sleeping in!!!! Have a great week !

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about her migraines and hope you get some answers soon. I also had about 24 hours of fever/aches from my flu shot this year. Not fun! The rainy weekend was perfect for laying around watching football and movies. That's what we did too! Grace's church campout was changed to a one night lock in, and the boys' fishing trip was cut short. So we made up for all that with lots of couch potato time! Happy Monday!

  4. Pretty much sounds like a lazy weekend was on the menu for all of us! Sorry your girl is still battling with the headaches. Hope you guys have a super date today!

  5. Yay for faux leather leggings! I promise you'll love them!!

  6. Hope everyone is on the mend!! Rainy days at home are sometimes the best days.

  7. Hope your day date was fun!! I was sick over the weekend too, hope everyone is feeling better!

  8. Hope your day date was fun! I don't know if it's approved for kids, but my sister gets botox for her terrible migraines. She has improved 100%. It might be worth looking into.