Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Mayhem

By the time 5:00 arrived on Friday afternoon, I needed a stiff drink! Or three.

Short version: Our school was dismissing early for a football game, Alise's reading teacher had a "surprise" for the kids, and my phone was blowing up all week about the Halloween party. My friend, Kristen and I had already taken care of the party plans the week before.  Then Ms. C decided to combine her surprise party with the halloween party and one mom decided to join a group text a week late and get all the moms stirred up so it was just freakin' chaos! Not to mention that somehow, some way, I'm on not one, but TWO text groups.  How I got on the other classes' group text, I have no idea! So when the "late mom" decided to look at her phone a week later and stirred the pot, I did what a nice, Christian Mama would do, and I happily bowed out!  My last text was: OK. I'll catch y'all at Christmas." To which my other friend, Kristy, texted me this:

This year was the first year that I've never gone to Alise's school Halloween party, and I'm a little saddened by that. Alise is miffed, but she'll get over it. I just couldn't adjust my work schedule to attend all the hoopla they had going on with a peprally, a scavenger hunt, a movie, and a party. It was just too much. So I made the executive decision to let all the stay-at-home moms handle it this year.

But in the middle of all the chaos and in cahoots with our EIGHT - yes, EIGHT! - tests last week, I decided to reward our teachers with a "night off." I went to a local caterer and bought pre-made casseroles and a dozen cookies so that Ms. C and Ms. O could enjoy a night of no cooking.

And just when I thought I had had enough school drama, Thursday  night, the subdivision that we normally trick-or-treat in decided to move Halloween to Friday night instead of Saturday due to the tremendous outpouring of rain we were suppose to be getting, which sent me into a tail spin because the "after hours" party is always at our house and I thought I had all day Saturday to get ready for it!! Breathe, Laura, breathe! Needless to say, Walmart mini cupcakes had to be substituted for red velvet cake balls this year!

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween night!

Alise is so jealous!  She can't stand it when Wayne and I love on each other, so of course, she had to show some love to Darth, too!

It rained all day today so I'm glad we did our trick-or-treating last night. We had a great time with our friends, riding around the neighborhood on a hayride.  Alise and Addison got TONS of candy! It was fun seeing our friends from school and church and it seemed like everytime I turned around, someone was shouting, "Alise! Alise!"  She loved getting to see her friends dressed up and even Darth had a several photo ops as the night went on.  Afterwards, we came back to our house and feasted on chili, hot dogs, frito pies and lots and lots of dips and other appetizers!  Another Halloween tradition in the books!

These girlies have been trick-or-treating together every year for ten years!  They are best friends!

The girls have loved every minute of showing Ty Colton how it's done!  We've loved our little addition and plan to trick-or-treat with him for a long time to come!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!


  1. I would need a bottle of red with all that going on. On a positive note, you have tons of friends, memories and a boot load of candy to enjoy for 365 more days. Happy Halloween!

  2. Drama and more drama! Good for you for bowing out!! Great pics!!

  3. I just got really, really tired after reading that. :o)))

  4. I agree that sometimes school volunteering can involve way too much drama. You are a smart lady to bow out when it got to chaotic. I volunteered to help with a school event at our junior high, thinking I would be handing out snacks or supervising some games. Instead, they handed me a microphone and told me I would be leading all the 8th graders in a hula hoop contest. I definitely didn't sign up for that, and it drove me crazy that things weren't better organized. Anyway, it looks like you all had a wonderful Halloween. Our rain came Friday night and had cleared for Halloween night. Have a good Monday.

    1. Oh, Tanya, I would WIG. OUT. if someone handed me a microphone! Totally not the public speaker, even if it is a hula hoop contest!