Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Snippets

Do you have a traditional Halloween menu? I ask for two reasons.  One, Mix and Match Mama's Halloween Menu post  looks awesome and filled with ideas for a spooky meal.  The second reason is that my friend Angie always made spaghetti for Halloween.  She said that was tradition for her family.

On Monday, while Wayne and I were hanging out, I wore my military jacket over an oatmeal tee and even Alise told me that I looked "cute." So I was thrilled when I saw Champagne & Suburbs' post with her sporting her jacket with a gray tee.  Can't wait to pull this style off as well!

Christina is taking some preliminary cautions and you can read all about it on her blog, Carolina Charm.  I loved reading Christina's post about how all her friends came together to support her and her sweet family at the TATAS Party!

Speaking of Halloween, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Southern Curls & Pearls, shared this easy-peasy last minute costume idea for all you Starbucks lovers!

I tried on a fur vest this week, feeling all giddy about it and as soon as I looked in the mirror, my shoulders fell to the floor.  Let's just say that me and my shape aren't cut out for fur vests! Cyndi, Jo-Lynne and Alison all shared posts this week regarding fur vests.  Be sure to check them out if you're interested in this look.  Me, however, well, I'm bowing out gracefully.

Whatever you do today, read this post by Champagne Supernova!  I'm serious.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Read that post!  I was laughing so, so hard!  I may not be in my thirties anymore, but I could SO identify with her!

Good-bye, October! Hello, November!  Y'all enjoy your Halloween weekend!


  1. I think I might look like the abominable snowman in a fur vest...ha, ha! Loved the supernova post about getting older. Yes, I definitely remember when putting spf 4 sunscreen on felt like you were being "healthy." Have a fun Halloween!

  2. I bet you did look cute as can be in your military vest!! What great links you shared as I love many of these blogs as well! We both have night games girl, lots and lots of luck and who knows maybe we will have spaghetti, ha ha! I hope the trick-or-treaters are all gone by game time too! ;-) happy Halloween weekend beautiful!!!

  3. Aw, I really liked that vest on you. I saw that post by Champagne Supernova eariler on Pinterest and you're so right, it is hilarious and so true. So very true.

  4. Wow...I've never followed Carolina Charm and I totally spent lots of time reading through her story.

  5. We always had Chili before the girls headed out trick or treating, so making it again tomorrow night. I am finally able to eat tomatoes/tomato based things again. Thank the Lord!!
    And yes, Christina is a brave young women. Praying for a speedy recovery for her.

  6. I'm opting out of the fur vest trend too - I just can't do it. Thanks for all the great links! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  8. I'm off to check out all the links and I'm thinking you were probably a little too hard on yourself about the fur vest. :o)) Happy new week!