Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - September Edition

It's "What's Up Wednesday" over at Sheaffer's blog!  Can't wait to read and catch up on what all my favorite bloggers have been up to this month!

{What We're Eating This Week...}
Cinnamon Bread. I was worried that this bread would be too "cinnamony," but it really wasn't.  It's more like a coffee cake kind of bread than a slice of bread and it's delicious warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds! I was just happy that I didn't have to break out the mixer for this one!

I'm also trying this new recipe this week, Stromboli.  I've never made it before, but this recipe looks easy because you don't have to make your own pizza crust.  This Mama likes that!

I feel like I cooked all weekend!  I made gumbo for a football gathering with friends this past Saturday.  On Sunday, I made potato soup and chicken and dumplings!  I was craving some comfort food and Christy has the best recipe for dumplings in my opinion!  She uses canned biscuits just like my mama does!

{What I'm Reminiscing About...}
Nothing really.

{What I'm Loving...}
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with wearing wedges again! There. were. daaaaaze. when I thought I would never be able to fit my right foot back in another wedge or heel.  And I'm trying not to push it, really, I am.  The only drawback is that my foot still swells, so by about five o'clock I'm ready to rip them off my feet, but I love it!  Mama is happy again!

I'm also loving some new knee boots that I recently purchased, which leads into a whole other adult post about my husband and a conversation we had about Lita Ford, but I'll get around to that one day.  

{What We've Been Up To...}
Football, cheer, tumbling, fifth grade homework, fifth grade projects, long multiplication and division that I have to use a calculator to check.  Yep!  That pretty much sums up my world this month!

{What I'm Dreading...}

{What I'm Working On...}
I will work on finishing the transition of my closet.  I will.  I will.  I started a few weeks ago and then never finished because I think a nice, long nap began hollering my name and I caved.  I will also try to get some fall decor going on around the house.  I told someone last week that I just can't seem to get my fall mojo on this year.  In regards to decorating, I keep asking myself do I really want to do it just to take it all down again in two months?  Talk about being a hum bug!

{What I'm Excited About...}
Ever since our girls trip last spring to Natchez, Alise has been asking me when I'm taking her!  She's never been inside the antebellum homes and saw the carriage rides when we stopped once on our way to a cheer competition. The Fall Pilgrimmage is going on now and this weekend is the only time that will fit into our schedule before it's over, so I'm planning a daycation this weekend with Baby Girl in Natchez.  I'm excited about getting to see everything through her eyes.

{What I'm Watching/Reading...}
I've been in a reading slump.  I've picked up several books, but haven't finished most of them and what I have read, it's nothing for you to run out and get.  As for watching, Scandal was back on last week and I missed the first half of Blood & Oil because I thought it came on at 9 Sunday night.  The last thirty minutes was pretty good, though.

{What I'm Listening To...}
During football season, it's all about the Paul Finebaum Show. You can also watch it live on the SEC Network. If you love SEC football and need a good laugh in the afternoons before you pic up your 5th grader to go home and suffer through hours of homework, then I highly recommend it.

{What I'm Wearing...}

Floral & Pearls for work one day earlier in the month when it was hotter than the hinges of hell.  I love my strand of pearls, love to loop them.  I had to wear a linen colored jacket over this $3.50 Evan Picone thrift store find for work, though. The nuns don't believe in sleeveless.

The first day of fall, I was sporting leopard and red. You can read all about the shades for fall 2015 HERE.

{What I'm Doing This Weekend...}
This weekend is all about MOI! And however selfish that may sound, well, I have no apologies.  It's long over due.  And so are my roots! I was suppose to have an hair appointment last weekend, but my sweet stylist had a funeral to attend.  I'm a little stressed because all of a sudden, she texted me Sunday afternoon and told me she was moving to a new salon.  I was like what? And I truly loved the salon where she was and new salons use different brands of color and what if her new scissors aren't as sharp and her new hairspray really stinks and what about the scalp massage? Oh, how I love that scalp massage!

A few weeks ago, I tried the gel/shellac nails that are so popular right now and I'm still on the fence. I plan to try it one more time before I decide to either continue or just go back to regular manicures. I will say that I like it better than the solar nails I wore a few years ago.

{What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...}
In a few weeks, we're headed to Dallas for the Fall 2015 Red Zone Games at AT&T Staduim! Our school is the only school in Louisiana that has ever participated in these games.  And actually, it's our Pee Wee football team {grades 3-6} that's getting the priviledge. Well, where ever our boys go, so do the cheerleaders and that means Alise will get to cheer in Jerry Jones World!  Although Wayne and I have been there before, she hasn't and when we tried to show her the stadium on TV a few weeks ago when the Cowboys played, she just didn't get it.  She will go NUTS when she finally sees just how big it really is!  Can't wait to see her face!  I'm excited about getting to share this experience with her as well as her getting to cheer with and for her friends!  I'm also excited about doing some major shopping while we're there!

{What Else Is New...}
I'm on Periscope now!  Who should I be following? My phone made the strangest sound on Monday and when I finally determined what it was, there was Kelly and Laurie! Loved their accents!

{Bonus Question}
What's your favorite Halloween tradition? 
This year will be the TENTH year that we've gotten together with our friends for Halloween!  Gosh, I can't believe we've been doing this for TEN years!  It started out with Tiffany and I taking our itty bitty baby girls trick-or-treating in their push cars and then the one year the daddies decided to tag along - for some reason that I can't remember - and got tired of walking and said, "Next year, we're having a hay ride with the Ranger and the trailor!"  So now, we trick-or-treat in style and picked up even more friends along the way!  Wayne and Clint start planning at the beginning of October!  Usually afterwards, we come back to our house for a "party" with tons of food and treats and the kids get to stay up really late (even on a school night)! We love our tradition!  And thank goodness Clint and Tiffany had another baby so that we can keep the tradition going since the girls may be getting a little too old for it, now.  I said something to Alise the other day about her being too old to trick-or-treat and she said, "Uh huh, Mama!"


  1. Glad you're back in wedges...yea! I have also been in a reading slump...blah! And that is so cool about Alise performing at Cowboys stadium in Dallas. My kids still want to trick or treat this year, which really surprised me. Have a good hump day!

  2. You're making me hungry!! How much gorgeousness in these fashion picks!! Red lip and leopard purr, hot mama!!! Yes, keep the Halloween tradition going forever!! Fun stuff! Have a wonderful day beauty!! PS YAY For LAURA IN WEDGES!!!!!

  3. I just got myself out of a reading slump with the new one by Jojo Moyes. It is the sequel to Me Before You, which I loved. Sounds like a wonderful Halloween tradition. Enjoy your week.

  4. I loved Kelly's periscope!! They are so cute! You look so pretty in the pics! Here's to a cooler weekend. I'm so ready for fall

    1. Laurie and Kelly remind me of us, Leigh!

  5. Cinnamon bread?! Yum! Enjoy your weekend of some TLC for yourself, you deserve it!

  6. Added your cinnamon bread to my arsenal of "have to try" recipes this fall. Loving the lipstick color on you.

  7. Yum for chicken and dumplings!

  8. I tried a gel manicure once, and while I liked it, it was a nightmare to get off. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  9. You've been doing a lot of things, lady!!! Love your outfits and I'm so with you on transitioning my wardrobe. I need to get it done.