Friday, September 04, 2015

Lots Of Friday Favorites

It's Friiiiiidaaaaay!  And a three day weekend for some.  Unfortunately, I'll be headed to the office sometime late Monday morning.

But as usual, I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals and Liz at Alizadventures.  I'm not quite sure what got in to me this week, but I've got more than my normal share of favorites, so you might want to grab a cup of coffee - or in my case, a Diet Coke - and read on!


{one.} My favorite cheerleader.  Since it's officially college football season - Yay! - I thought I'd share a pic that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Alabama football. One of my close school-mom friends - that keeps me feeling young -took this pic of Alise Monday night at our first youth football game and I absolutely love it!  This sums up Baby Girl so much!  She's LOUD {lost her voice after the game}, she loves to cheer, and she gives with everything she's got. Kristen took this picture when they were introducing the cheerleaders at half time and Alise went for a toe touch. I am SO proud of her!  I love to watch her cheer! 

And just for the heck of it, take a look at this!  Baby Girl has come a looooong way since PreK-4! Gosh this seems like yesterday!

{two.} Faux leather leggings.  Two weeks ago, I picked Alise up from school early and we ran to Justice to see if they still had the suede fringed boots that she had been wanting.  I told her we were only going for the boots.  Yea, right! Of course they didn't have the boots and I got sucked in to buying an entire outfit that included a pair of leather leggings!

And so I got to thinking.

Those are really cute leather leggings.  Maybe I need a pair!

FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS - Trousers - Woman - New collection - ZARA: FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS - Trousers - Woman - New collection - ZARA  This has almost everything I've been wanting this fall!! Plaid, leather leggings, animal print shoes (although I'd get more use out of flats) and my go to classic - teal!: This has almost everything I've been wanting this fall!! Plaid, leather leggings, animal print shoes (although I'd get more use out of flats) and my go to classic - teal!  lace, black faux leather leggings, leopard clutch, red heels   

So now...! I'm on a mission for a pair of faux leather leggings!  HERE is a great post for some inspiration!

{three.} Fringe. Alison at Get Your Pretty On posted a great read this week about one of my favorite trends for Fall this year: fringe.  Now, I'm not talking rodeo-style fringe, but as Alison suggested HERE, if "fringe makes you cringe," then try accessorizing with the style.  Currently, I have a kimono with fringe and a suede purse with fringe {that I scored off Amazon for like $10!} and my next fringe purchase will probably be booties when I find a pair I can't live without.

Alison's Fall Style Challenge opens next week!  I've participated a few times and it's alot of fun!  Be sure to check out her blog for all the details!

{four.} Taylor's Wildest Dreams Video. Ever since taking Alise to see Swift in May for a surprise birthday present, I've been drinking the Taylor Kool-Aid. I honestly never saw the Bad Blood video or really any of her others since "Romeo & Juliet," but I heard that the BB video set records.  So Sunday night, Alise was all pumped about the new Wildest Dreams video coming out, but I'm the mean mom, so I made her go to bed without watching it {it debuted after her bed time and kool-aid or not, bed time is bed time at our house}.  On Monday afternoon, she told me that the video had "s-e-x" (she actually spelled the word) in it and of course, I was appalled and asked how she knew that. She said that her friends were talking about it at school {Lord, help me!}.  I told her that she couldn't watch the video until I did. So Tuesday night, after she went to bed, I watched the video...and I fell in love {sigh}.  I'm such the romantic and loved the Hollywood story line, the retro outfits, the red lips and the cat eye sunglasses! And let me just say that Scott Eastwood is quite the hunk, too! 

{five.} Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad. I am TOTALLY addicted to this salad!  I could eat it everyday, but I really only eat it about once a week. I usually get the Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing to go with it, but my boss says that the Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing is her favorite and it's also the dressing that Chick-fil-a recommends. This salad is so darn good! 

{six.} Pioneer Woman's Dinnerware. Love me some dishes, y'all! Earlier this week, Boomama announced on Instagram that PW's new cookware and dinnerware was available and I was like, How did I miss this? I knew Ree had a new cookbook coming out in the fall, but I had no idea about the great kitchen ware! Whell...I musta missed this post!  So, anyway.  I ran to Walmart one morning this week before work and looked all over our crazy store for the dishes, but there were no dishes to be found!  I was so disappointed.  And then I read the "fine print" about the dishes only being available on but hopefully in another week or two, you and I will be able to find them in our local stores.  I just love the vintage look and design!


{seven.} Flare jeans update. I did it!  Thanks to a very sweet blogger friend, Amy, who suggested I try American Eagle for a pair of flared jeans after last Friday's FF post, I actually found a pair I liked!  And guess what!? The length was perfect so my mama doesn't have to cut five yards off of them! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! And heeeere's the pair I ended up with!

Boho Artist Flare Jean - Buy One Get One 50% Off

I just love them!  They are SO comfortable and very stretchy and soft!  And I especially love the price!  I really wanted a pair in the retro color, but I wasn't sure if a girl at my age really needed to wear a lighter shade of jeans. I don't know...I just felt like my but looked bigger in the other shade. I don't shop AE very often simply because I feel like I'm too old for the store, but I believe I may be getting over my fears. 

{eight.} Fall hair color. Last year was the first year that I've ever "changed" my hair color for Fall.  I've been a blonde forever, through every season.  I told myself that I wouldn't go dark again just because I feel like I never got back to my original blonde shade {if that makes any sense}, but now, fall's right around the corner and it's got me thinking about going dark again. What about you?  Do you change your hair color for the seasons? I really wish I could see what this chick's hair looks like...if she would just lift her head {I like her outfit, too!}!  The color of Meg Ryan's hair is very close to the color I try to keep. I can't decide what to do.

How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends (13): How to Wear Fall Fashion Trends (13)  Shaggy Hairstyle for Curly Hair: Shaggy Hairstyle for Curly Hair

{nine.} My friend Jennifer killed an alligator. My friend, Jennifer, is CRAY-ZEE, y'all, but if she knew I was posting this picture of her here, she'd DIE! In case you didn't know, alligator season opened this week here in Louisiana.  And Jennifer's a Gator Girl!  Not like those idiots they portray us on TV, but in a "Good Gator Girl" way.

Jennifer sent this picture to us in a group text on Wednesday.  She was so excited!  She was telling me last week at the football game about her new gun and all about how she was going to set out her baits - with stinky raw chicken - and how you could set your baits, but you couldn't start hunting until a certain day, yada, yada, yada. Well, she snagged her a gator!  She said she was going to have a purse made out of the skin.  I told her that I would continue to keep an eye on a certain "non-alligator skin" Dooney & Burke purse I wanted instead. But in all honesty, I'm happy for her!

I  hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend - the final ho rah to the summer season!  We'll be celebrating the SEC season openers with our family from Alabama!  Steak, shrimp, and of course, corn dip are on the menu for Alabama's game Saturday night!  Roll Tide, y'all!!


  1. Leather leggings....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Have a great weekend !!!

  2. I love that picture of Alise and yes, you need leather leggings. I like your current hair color, but try it. It's an easy thing to fix...unlike chopping it all off. Have a great weekend, Laura.

    1. Megan! I LOVE your hair since your new do! I hate that you seem to not like it as much as I do! I mean, I know it's YOUR hair and all, but I just love the style. It's similar to mine, just not curly, but if I had enough time and patience to flatten mine, it would look so similar to yours! Have an awesome weekend!

  3. This post is so full of goodies I don't know where to begin!! Way to bring it woman! How cute is your little cheerleader, she looks fierce and determined and full of spirit!! Have a most spectacular weekend he spectacular woman!

  4. Taylor Swift, video I watched it on your post - it is beautiful, so your decision to let Baby Girl watch it? Also, your gator girl friend - WOW, incredible. Why would you change your hair color? You look so pretty blonde! Love it. Enjoyed everyone of these.

    1. Ha! You noticed, Michelle. I had wrote a few sentences as to whether or not I will let Alise watch the video and then went back and deleted them. Bottom line, I know that I've got to have the sex talk with Alise very soon. And I keep putting it off because I'm dreading it! Right now, she just thinks that sex is when two people take their clothes off and kiss and I wish I could let her believe that for a while longer. If she ASKED me to watch it, I probably would let her, only because I want it to open a door for our conversation. HOWEVER, I'm thanking my lucky stars that she hasn't asked yet. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love that cheer photo, brings back a lot of memories! You go girl on the leather leggings! I love them but I'm just not brave enough to try to rock them!

  6. Thanks for posting so many favorites this week! I love getting new ideas. I have the Pioneer Woman red dishes on my birthday wish list. I think they would be perfect for Christmas and Valentine's day...and year round. I loved the romantic Taylor Swift video too. I think I am a bigger TS fan than my daughter. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hated leather leggings when the first showed up like seven years ago or something but then I started to love them...but didn't think I could pull them off. I'm to the point where I'm more like, "if I like it I wear it!" so I really want a pair now! If you find some good ones, let me know! :) I haven't watched the new T. Swift video but I LOVE that song.

  8. didn't say...was there S-E-X in the video? haha I have purchased AE jeans in the past and have always been happy with the quality and price. I have the opposite problem and need the tall size. :) And oh my I love Meg Ryan's hair in that picture. I can't tell you how many times I've cut my hair off hoping to look like hers. I totally get what you are saying about not being able to get your blonde back. I darkened mine up a long time ago and have pretty much stuck with it just because my natural color really has gotten much, much darker.