Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites: Family Halloween Costumes

I thought I would do something EXTRA fun for Friday Favorites this week! Today I'm sharing Halloween costumes for the family. I tried to pick costumes that were more "non-traditional" and didn't realize that the ones I chose were nearly all for a family of THREE! Oh, well. Maybe these five will inspire you for your own family costume ideas for Halloween!

I've always been a Royal Watcher!  Loved Diana, love Kate! So when I came across this idea for a family costume, it ALMOST  made me wish that Alise was small enough again to pull something like this off! Almost. Of course I would have to dress her like Princess Charlotte instead!

I'm blaming this idea on my roots! When I saw it, I was reminded of Louisiana and our food and heritage.  I realize the baby is a lobster, but we Cajuns could definitely change this up for a crawfish instead! Love that the mom is holding a stick of butter!  THAT actually reminded me of Paula Dean! I wonder how long that baby lasted in the the pot?!

This costume is not something that I normally would have chosen simply because I'm not into the "caveman" thing.  However...I am in to animal prints and especially suede this fall season, so that's why I like it! I also heard that Hollywood is doing a remake of The Jungle Book, so this might be a popular costume even next year as well.

I really love this costume idea!  It just screams Fall to me! You can NEVER go wrong with a s'more, whether you're eating it or wearing it!

Of course, these two Star Wars geeks are my absolute, all-time FAV! It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include them!  Wayne is trying to persuade me to dress up this year with them {I can't believe that Alise is going as Leia again this year!}, but Star Wars is just not my thing! Besides, it's a "force" thing between father and daughter and I kinda like it like that.  It's their special thing and something Alise will always remember sharing with her Dad.

What costumes will you and your family be wearing this year?  Halloween is on Saturday, October 31!

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Enjoy your Friday, Peeps!


  1. LOVE this!! I adore that you showcased family costumes and not just couples. That jungle book fam is so cute, and the s'mores and well the cutest of all: your clan! May the Force be with you this weekend my love!! Hee Hee!! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, Alise looks so cute as Leia! Owen is going as Darth Vader this year, last year he was a storm trooper! He tried to talk Olivia into going as Leia but she had something else in mind!

  3. Cute, very cute. You have some great picks. We are not Halloween fans over here. Now that the grandchildren are here that may change. They actually will be here for it this year so I'll see what there momma whips up for them. I'm sure E. will want to be a superhero something or another. Boys!

  4. I love families that dress up for Halloween.....Keith will NOT participate....boring!

  5. Somehow I missed this post on Friday. I love family costumes, but we have never done them (unfortunately). It's appropriate that I see Darth and Leia in this post since we just watched Return of the Jedi. Can I say I'm a little relieved that we finished watching all six movies?

  6. I can never get my husband to dress up, but I loved planning the boys' costumes every year. Love all your choices!