Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

Five things I've learned or been reminded of this week:

1. When your kid hurts, you do to.

2. There's nothing - no-thing - that a Mother won't do for her child.

3. Life is FULL of disappointments.

4. There are days, and then there are DAYS.

5. JOY comes in the morning.


  1. Laura, this post made me hiccup a tear. I don't know why exactly, but I will send up a prayer for you and your daughter. I sure hope the first days of school are going well for her and YOU! Blessings and in my experience too, JOY does come in the morning, especially with daughters!

  2. I am having joy this morning reading your sweet Blog! And I am storming heaven with prayers galore for all of your comfort and strength and PEACE!!! Next week will be better, I promise!!! Hugs my dear friend, hugs!

  3. Sending prayers Laura....sorry the week has been rough.

  4. So, sadly true! Hope your weekend looks up

  5. Yes, Laura, you are so right and it does not matter that they are 36 and 39 either. A Mom's heart is always a Mom's heart and we hurt when our kids hurt regardless. Blessings to you my dear!

  6. So, so true. I hope next week is better :)!