Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites: Celebrities I'm Over

Okay.  Let me just go ahead and spell it out for you: I've got PMS.  And I'm on my soap box today.  So that constitutes fair warning.

I use to love watching ET and reading People and keeping up with what all the stars and celebrities were doing.  It use to be one of my vices.  But a few years ago, I finally came to the conclusion that what my mama always told me was right: People in Hollywood are CRAZY {and the whole state of California is going to fall off in the Pacific Ocean, but that's another story for another day!}! I got tired of turning on the TV to catch a 30 minute scoop and it always being about the same crazy people {a.k.a. the Kardashians!  I swear this family has bought stock in Entertainment Tonight because there is ALWAYS a story about them}! And I got tired of spending my money on a celebrity magazine.  But that's just me. After reading my list, it may sound like I still dabble in celebrity-ism, but honestly, the only reason I know these things is through what others are saying on social media.

So here is my list of celebrities I'm over!

1. The Kardashians - Every. Single. Person. in this family!  Whose name starts with a C or a K...and an L, M, N, O, P! I'm over Bruce, I'm over Caitlyn, I'm over baby bumps and big butts!! And I will not lie! Can you believe people are having plastic surgery to have Kim's butt? I'm over their reality shows {that I never watched} and their babies named after directions!  I'm over their drama hungry husbands!  I don't understand the facination with this family.  I just don't.

2. Miley Cyrus - I mean, seriously?  After all the twerking hoopla in 2013, you are going to trust her to HOST the 2015 MTV Music Awards?  I regret the day I ever let Alise watch Hannah Montana {and she is not allowed to listen to or watch the post-Disney Miley}.  That girl has lost her mind!

3. Tom Cruise - If you had told me during my '80s "Tom Crush" days that I would include Mr. Cruise on a "Celebrities I'm Over" list, I would of course, said that you were lying.  I mean, seriously?  Top Gun, people! The volleyball scene alone should make me want to love him forever, but nope!  He's got to go, too. He's just WEIRD. Plain and simple.  I think all that scientology junk has totally messed him up!

4. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, & Mariah Carey - I realize I've just listed every female in the Soul Sister Group, but they all need to go!  I'm over the cat fights, the videos, their half-clad bodies, and their big boobs!  Just act like a respectable person, please? I loved Mariah's music back in the 80s and 90s, but it's time to go, Sister! Take your kids to your lovely mansion and be a Moma for once!

5. NFL Football players - You get paid millions of dollars to work out and show up for "work" {excluding "practices"}. You say it's "your dream to play professional football."  Well, then, shut up, quit beating your wives and children, stop getting DUIs and shooting people in bars!!  Live your dream - quietly {You may THINK you need to talk to the media, but you DON'T!} - and use your money for the benefit of those who aspire to be where you are! Give back.  Give back to your communities.  Remember where you came from, but most of all, stay humble.

Did I leave anyone out?  I'm sure I could think of several more if I really wanted to set my mind to it, but I don't. Feel free to share your comments, but please remember to be nice.

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  1. AMEN. I was over Tom Cruise when he got all crazy.

  2. You tell 'em. I've never understood the Kardashians. Never. I used to watch ET or at least have it on in the background before I had little kids. I don't get the subscriptions, but wait until I get a pedicure to flip through those magazines. It seems it's a bunch of pictures of people I don't know anymore. Have a great weekend Laura!

  3. Oh my Laura, best post and I couldn't agree more. Every one of your five! Totally agree. I'm not one that follows the stars ... but if I had to add one to yours - housewives from where ever they will think of next. I mean, give me some of that money and I'll create some drama from a "fifty something" housewife. Now, if you watch them, sorry - not my thing. This cracked me up and my grandson just came in and asked me what was so funny "grammie."

  4. Awesome post my friend! You read my mind. I too was a celeb junkie and my mom and I would gossip over these nuts, not real people, of course, no...just famous people gossip. LOL. My mom still watches, me, I do not.:) I also do not like The Bachelor/Bachlorette stars, terrible TV viewing, what does this tell young girls? Fabulous Friday and weekend to ya my love. I'll be smiling bout this post all day!!

  5. I know the fights are ridiculous....something said on Twitter turns into WWIII. Craziness!

  6. Agree with #3 100%. Top Gun was definitely the best of the best for him. Love your blog! The design is adorable, and the real talk puts a smile on my face!! And, Roll Tide Roll!

    1. Thank you, Kristian! Roll Tide!!

  7. All I'm gonna say is AMEN sister!!

  8. You completely read my mind! I so want to still love Tom Cruise but he makes it soooo hard for me to. So, see ya Tom! Loved you and Goose a million times over!