Monday, June 01, 2015

Hawaii - Part Three

It's Monday and that means another "chapter" from our Hawaiian Cruise this past April.  You can read Hawaii Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE

WHO in their right mind plans a Pearl Harbor tour at 6AM?!  Well, the Pearl Harbor people do, that's who!

And WHO doesn't read their itinerary and calls ahead within 48 hours like it says to do?  Especially after all that airport time the day before? Well, that would be me, of course!

Lesson #2 About Hawaii:  Read your itinerary in it's entirety.  Even if you have a travel agent!  Make the necessary phone calls.

Now, the time we needed to be at Pearl Harbor was NOT in our itinerary.  I guess that's why they wanted us to call within 48 hours of our scheduled day {ya think?}.  So, anyway, we slept our morning away, ordered room service of macadamia pancakes, waffles with fruit and an extra side of bacon, ate out on the balcony of our penthouse suite and face timed Baby Girl.  

After that, we yawned and stretched and said, "Oh, yeah!  What about Pearl Harbor?"  To which I called and was informed that we missed our 6 am appointment!  I asked her, "Who schedules 6 o'clock appointments to Pearl Harbor?"  "Well, we do, ma'am." To which I told her our sob story of thinking that we were never gonna get to Hawaii the day before and how this was our 20 year honeymoon and we just couldn't come to Hawaii and not go to Pearl Harbor!"  To which she replied, "Sorry!"  They were booked up the rest of the day, so I emailed our travel agent to see if she could get our money back, which she wasn't able to, so we lost about $200 for sleeping in that morning!

We were bummed about Pearl Harbor.  Also, the time between Houston and Honolulu, Wayne caught a sinus cold!  He was congested and couldn't stop sneezing.  So now that we had the remainder of the morning and early afternoon free, we walked around our hotel to find some sinus medicine.  We walked to Waikiki Beach, which was only two blocks from our hotel.  It was a nice beach, but crowded with families.  A McDonald's was across the street from where we were on the beach and someone had told Wayne that in Hawaii, they had spam and rice on their menu, so we went in to check it out!  Sure enough! Spam and rice for nearly $5!  I think I'd rather have the hot cakes and sausage even if they are nearly 1,000 calories!

I was doing some shopping inside our hotel when Wayne hooked up with the concierge.  Long story short, she was able to book us excursions for cheaper than the ship, or even our travel agent was able to do.  She told us her favorite things to do on each island and where to get the most bang for our buck.  We ended up booking two more excursions through Abby and Raymond Tours (the green buses).  We booked the helicopter ride in Kauai and the Volcano National Park in Hilo. Abby was also able to hook us up with a PRIVATE TOUR of Pearl Harbor and the island of Oahu since our flight didn't leave until late that evening!!  Our itinerary was officially set.  We had our days planned with a day of relaxation in between.  Perfect!

Lesson #3 About Hawaii:  Book "must do" tours/excursions before your vacation, but plan smaller excursions once you get to Hawaii since prices will be cheaper on the island.

We were so excited to arrive at the port to catch our cruise!  And I must say that it was the easiest of all the cruises we've been on!  The name of our ship was, Pride of America, and it was with the Norwegian Cruise Line.  Before I knew it, we were in the buffet line fixing our plates for lunch while we waited for our cabin to be ready.  Wayne surprised me by upgrading our room to a balcony suite.

We didn't set sail until 7pm that evening and there was a big BBQ party with dancing and music on the deck around the pool area.  It got very cloudy and windy right before we left Honolulu headed to Maui.  But the sunset was so pretty that night!

On Pride of America in Honolulu overlooking the port.  I won this dress off Ebay for $1.40!!  Moma had to alter it for me.  Alise hated it, but I wore it anyway.  Also, the ship's photographer took a great picture of us that night with the sunset behind us and I CAN'T FIND THE PICTURE!  I'm just sick about it!

Overlooking the other side of the ship toward the city.  The two highrises are condos and they sell for over $1M each!!  They are a beautiful gold and black design.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Bummer that you missed Pearl Harbor, but I don't know sleeping in might have been better than getting there for 6am!! That's crazy!

  2. Sorry your missed Pearl Harbor, but your breakfast looked great! Sounds like a fun trip regardless. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Sounds like it was a great trip. Sorry you missed Pearl Harbor, I would have been disappointed but I don't think I would have made it at 6AM. Who knew they were even opened that early.

  4. That's a perfect dress for Hawaii - you have to get in that tropical spirit while you are there!

  5. So sorry about Pearl Harbor, who does tours that early in the morning :(! Your breakfast looked amazing though, yummy! And love your dress.

  6. Oh, what a bummer about Pearl Harbor but those macadamia pancakes look absolutely divine! And Spam does not interest me in the very least. And that dress is sooo cute! Happy Monday!