Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cell Phone Fashion Dump

Today I decided to share a few outfits that I've worn over the last few months {in random order!} and link up with some of the fashion parties going on this week. Actually, I'm in the mood to delete some pictures off my phone and decided to "dump" them here.  So I'm just throwing things out today and maybe someone's fashion sense will be piqued. I've said before that I'm not a fashion blogger, although there are quite a few that I like to read.  I just enjoy getting ideas and decided to share some of mine.

Obviously I wore this outfit to work.  Because that's obviously my atrocious office carpet!  A few weeks ago, we had a very unusual cool spell and so I broke out the green cardigan I had bought earlier in the Spring.  And when I put it on, I was so disappointed because I thought it was 3/4 sleeves and it was actually long sleeves.  Oh, well!  I certainly won't burn up in my office with the atrocious carpet!!

cardigan-Target||tank-Walmart||dot pants-old||black wedges-Target

I love this outfit and it has already become a summer favorite! I mentioned last week that I'm in love with maxi skirts this year.  The maxi dresses tend to be too long for me, but this skirt that I found at Walmart for $13 is perfect!  I even went back and bought another one the next day.  This skirt reminds me of our recent Hawaiian cruise because the water was just that colorful in places!

Jacket (old)-Target||tank-Walmart||skirt-Walmart||tassel necklace-Etsy||silver hoops-Old Navy

I've been riding the camo wave for a few years now.  I bought camo shorts last summer and I love them! It was hard to find just the perfect pair because most camo shorts that I've seen have been entirely too short for this Mama!  I'm usually a "5-inch shorts girl," but the length of these are a little longer, but I wouldn't call them "bermuda style."  Sometimes I roll them up!

blue jean vest-Forever21||tee-Walmart||camo shorts-Walmart||pink converse-Journey

You may remember that I wore this outfit to see Taylor Swift a few weeks ago with Alise. It was so comfortable and I still felt "hip" that night, too!

Brown blouse (old)-Belk||coral shorts-Old Navy||leopard wedges (old)

I get so many compliments on this striped t-shirt dress from Old Navy.  I wish I had it in more colors!  One day for work, I wore it with a coral scarf to dress it up (the scarf lasted half a day and then I ditched that baby!  Not a scarf girl. Sad, but true). My favorite way to wear this dress is with my pink chucks! Unfortunately, they're not appropriate office attire! But I wore this dress with the chucks on Alise's birthday when we were shopping and I got so many compliments!

black & white striped dress-Old Navy||scarf-Walmart

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've fallen in love with the color yellow this spring!  Here's a pic of my man and I before we went to an early summer wedding.  I've worn this dress SO many ways with blue jean jackets and cardigans!  It's been the best $70 bucks I've spent in a while!

dress-Dillard's||necklace-Altar'd State

I should've been born in the Roaring 20's.  But whatevah would I have done with my BIG HAIR?  Love my long strand of pearls!  And even though this dress is not very flattering, I wear it alot to work because Wayne bought it for me in Hawaii.  And I can't for the life of me, remember where I bought the pearl necklace!

Mother's Day 2015 at Olive Garden.  I had a very bad headache, but tried to enjoy my day.  Another pic with the pearl necklace.  I love to loop it!

i wore this outfit a few weeks ago when I got together with some other moms from Alise's school for GNO!  I normally cook for everyone and we sit out by the pool and enjoy finger food and toddies, but one of the moms suggested just going to a restaurant this year.  Love, love, love this outfit, but I had originally planned to wear it with my distressed jeans, but I couldn't find them and I was running late for our reservation.  So the white jeans had to do!  I also carried a leopard clutch that night.  I was having a good hair night, too!

jacket-JCPenny||graphic tee-Groopdealz||leopard belt-Target||white jeans-Talbot's||leopard wedges (old)

So, yeah, I walked out of the house last Friday with this ensemble on it was 80 freakin' degrees at 7:30 in the mornin!!  I've worn the royal blue striped shirt quite a bit this spring and actually bought these two pieces at the same time with full intentions of pairing them together, but looks like I may have waited a little too long.

cardigan-Target||striped shirt-Target||white jeans(old)-Talbot's

Now that I go back and read over my post, I notice two things!  One, I think I'm more of a frugal buyer than I thought I was, and two, I could be a walking advertisement for Walmart and Target!!  Ha ha!  I never considered myself a frugal buyer and I'm really not.  I guess for more BASIC pieces, I am. I will say that I don't spend alot of money on spring and summer clothes and just why that is, I don't know. I do spend more on fall and winter attire.  I think alot of my shopping power resides to the fact that I am also buying for a ten year old girl, now, who is nearly in junior sizing and we all know those clothes are more expensive.  I know that I will never be the lucky mom who can wear her daughter's clothes once Alise and I are the same size.  Why?  Because we don't like the same kinds of styles.  Oh, my poor checkbook!

Thanks for stopping by and reading today! I hope everyone is enjoying the first official week of June.  I'm linking up with these girlies this week!

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  1. You are so cute!! Yellow is your color, but I love the green on you too. I have a couple of ON tee shirt dresses and love them too!! We leave for Hawaii in a few weeks and I have enjoyed reading your vacation posts!! DO you have any packing tips? We are not doing a cruise , but I still have no clue what to wear! I know it is pretty casual but I don't want to wear a cover up the whole time! Happy Tuesday! Susan

  2. Love all of these outfits on you!

  3. Love all of these looks on you. The striped dress with the bright scarf is my kind of outfit and I love the maxi skirt on you. I'm with you on not spending too much on summer clothes.

  4. Have I mentioned before that you are gorgeous?!? Yellow and green are definitely your signature colors---said in my best Shelby from Steel Magnolia's voice. I am loving the pink converse!

  5. Thank you so much for the compliment, Jenny (in my best Shelby voice back at you!)!!

  6. I just love your style! That yellow dress is amazing, I need some leopard wedges, maybe next year and I have also been digging the maxi skirt. I got a few of mine at Walmart too! Love the post!

  7. Love the striped t-shirt dress! I also love that white denim jacket with the ombre maxi skirt! I'm a camo fan too, I have camo skinnies and I just ordered a camo military jacket...hoping it works out when I get it!

  8. The yellow lace dress is awesome. Love the white jeans with the blazer look.

  9. You are too adorable. And agree, you look great in yellow and green. And you now have me wanting a pair of pink chucks. LOL Could you add a cute belt (or maybe a scarf tied as a belt) to your Hawaii dress? You have such a great waist, I think it would make it more figure flattering.

  10. I love every single outfit! Clearly I need to check out the apparel selection at Wal Mart because you have the cutest things from there! Love your blue skirt and you look gorgeous in yellow!

  11. Such fabulous looks all around! You look amazing in yellow and green! Thank you so much for linking up with Charming Friday!