Friday, June 05, 2015

5 Friday Favorites

It's Friiiiiidaaaay!!  The first Friday in June!  AND it's NATIONAL DONUT DAY!! Have you had yourself a warm FREE donut, yet?  If not, check out HERE where and how to get a FREE one!  You can thank me later!

Snoopy: Happy National Doughnut Day! .. June 7th.

How's your first week of summer going?  Alise has been staying with her grandparents during the day this week with her Arkansas cousins so that they can attend VBS at their church.  We had a softball game Tuesday night and got SLAUGHTERED! Summer's been fun for us so far!

And let me just say how much I appreciate and love all your encouragement with jumping on the EO band wagon! I had no idea that so many of my "real" friends, blogging friends, and readers had already jumped!  Ha! Thanks for "holding my hand"! 

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and April today for 5 on Friday and Friday Favorites!  I guess this post is all about FOOD, but oh, well!  A girl's gotta eat!!

{one.} Alise and I are SO excited that Food Network Star begins this Sunday! Wayne and I have watched it for several years, but it wasn't until about two years ago that Alise caught on to the show.  As a family, we love to watch all the summer cooking shows, including Master Chef on FOX.  Be sure to check local listings for times. As for the new season of FNS, Alton Brown won't be one of the judges this year - Alise will miss his quirky style - but we'll be cheering on Jay Ducote from our couch this summer!  Jay is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our home state!! Represent us well, Jay!  He's already a winner in my book because the man likes chocolate!

{two.} Whatever you do this summer, RUN to Chic-fil-a and try their cobb salad!!  I've been enjoying this salad for several months now and it is delish! I normally choose the Raspberry Vinegrette dressing (times 2) with mine, but last week when I mentioned the salad to my boss, she said she gets it with the Avocado Lime Ranch dressing.  I'm not really an avocado kind of girl, so I just tend to stick with what I like best!  I would hate to ruin such a great salad by ordering the wrong dressing!!  If you try it, let me know what you think!

{three.} And speaking of salads... this weekend, we're entertaining friends at the Cook Shack with a big fish fry and homemade ice cream!  I'm not too sure how home made ice cream is going to go over on a stomach full of fish, but we're going to try it. I'm in the mood for a new summer dish and I really want to try a new salad recipe, but I'm very particular about what I want exactly.  I'm seeing some pasta, bacon, broccoli, maybe some tomatoes and green or purple onion...but no creamy mayonaise sauce!  Maybe just a vinegrette instead. Mel over at Larson Lingo must've been reading my mind this week!  Her salad looks PERFECT for summer!  Does anyone have a yummy salad recipe to share?

{four.} I've been on the lemon water kick recently, too.  I don't know why I started, really, except that there's suppose to be so many good reasons for drinking it, so I thought it couldn't hurt, right?  So every morning after my three mile walk, I come home and drink some water with a shot of lemon.  Do I feel any different or see any results?  Maybe. My biggest thing is that I'm trying to kick the Diet Coke habit - or at least cut back - and so I've been grabbing lemon water at night, too, while we're watching TV or I'm reading a book.  It just seems like the healthy, summer thing to do right now. You can read by clicking HERE for some of the benefits for drinking it.

{five.} Earlier this week, I announced on IG that I was beginning this Bible Study for the summer.

I loved Francine River's book, Redeeming Love, which is fictionally based on the book of Hosea in the Bible. I've decided to make some changes in my life this summer and I'm titling it {for my own intent and purpose}, "getting back the the basics."  I've wandered spiritually for a while, and I hear God calling me back to the basics of my faith, which include prayer and a daily quiet time with Him.  Maybe I'll share more about this a little later on. 

{Bonus.} And just because it's National Donut Day, I decided to give you a BIG, FAT BONUS this week!  Check it out HERE!

In the meantime, have a great weekend, Peeps!

I'll let you know how that fish and home made ice cream turn out!


  1. Yippee for national doughnut day!! I will need to stop by our bakery for some goodies today! I remember the Bible school summer days! How fun! Please stop by and link your post with Charming Friday today!! Happy weekend! Susan

  2. Love your Friday Favorites!! Did someone say free doughnut?? :-) I drink lemon water too. it is so good for us and refreshing after a walk. I laughed when I saw this as I walk 3 miles every morning too then more in the evening. We could've gone a walk together! I hope you have a lovely and fun weekend pretty lady!

    1. Yes, Andrea, we could definitely be walking buddies! I sometimes walk in the evenings as well, but I'm not sure how the humdity is where you live, but here in Louisiana, it's awful! It's not very kind to this big hair girl!! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm really hoping someone brings donuts to work today...seriously. I ate way too many donuts this past weekend but I think I could force myself to eat another. ;)

  4. I am also on a trying to kick my Diet Coke addiction---as a matter of fact, I just made a big pitcher of water this morning with cut up lemons and limes. And yes for doughnuts---I mean I think it should be everyday! I'll think about trying the salad---I haven't been a big fan of their new ones since they changed them back around a year or so ago. Plus, the chicken sandwich and waffle fries just always seem to call my name--ugh!

  5. As your friend I can tell you fried fish and homemade ice cream go GREAT together!! That's a normal combo for us. Let me know how y'all like it!!

    1. I forgot, Leigh, that y'all are conoisseurs of this fine cuisine! It's just the combo of milk and fish that kinda grosses me out!

  6. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I also love Food Network Star - how cool that one of the judges is from La. I have tried to cut out Diet Cokes. I drink water at home, but get a diet coke if we go out to eat. It helps me control it, without totally giving them up.

  7. I need to try lemon water and I really should get up and walk in the morning! How early do you have to get up to fit it in? Do you go alone or with a friend?