Thursday, May 07, 2015

Thoughts On Thursday

Here are just a few of the crazy thoughts running through my head right now. Enjoy, laugh, skip over, whatevah.

1.  I am THRILLED that Wills & Kate included Diana's name for the new Baby Princess!  I mean, seriously.  It was the right thing to do, y'all!  I love the name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!  I guess my bets on Victoria were totally off! However, the name, Charlotte does surprise me.

2.  One of our local boutiques has THIS tank online and I ordered the pink one! Hurry!  They are only $24!  You can follow Cara's on IG, too!

3.  This past weekend, I took supper to my stylist.  Rereading that makes it sound like I have a personal stylist or something and I don't.  Unfortunately {However, a good friend of mine's brother is Ryan Seacrest's personal stylist! Just sayin'!}.  Anyway, Anna had surgery on her foot; her THIRD surgery on said foot.  I made Pioneer Woman's Comfort meatballs, green bean bundles, scalloped potatoes, and brownies.  Anna texted me later that evening and said she wanted the recipe for the potatoes.  I've posted the link several times on my Menu Monday posts, but here it is again.  And the only reason I'm even mentioning this is because I found a really quick way to make it, now. Instead of slicing your hand off potatoes, just buy the sliced ones in the can.  Walla! Easy peasy!  Wish I had thought of this sooner because my family would eat this recipe every week!  I know some people have a phobia with vegetables out of a can, but, hey!  It works!

4.  I'm seriously considering ordering some Young Living Essential Oils.  Alise's headaches are just about to send me over the edge.  We misplaced her muscle relaxers that we give her every Sunday night, and it caused a meltdown. Me AND her!  And I know when we go back in July, Dr. P is going to want to schedule an MRI and I'm fine with that. I just want to try one. more. thing. before we go there.  I think I'm jumping on the oil band wagon, y'all.

5.  What were we thinking when we bought Taylor Swift tickets six months ago? Alise still has no idea that she's going to a concert for her birthday, but yet all we've been listening to in the car is Swift's album, 1989.  Even this '80s girl is about 80-ied out!!

6.  Alise has started back playing softball so we're living at the ballpark twice a week now.  One can only eat so many nights of nachos or frito pie.  Just sayin. Baby Girl is playing second base again this year and she's scored one out so far. It's her first year with fast pitch (if you want to call it that), so her hitting hasn't been that great, but she has a good eye and normally gets to walk.  

7.  As of today, we only have four more "official" days of school left.  Thank you, Jesus.  And I mean it.  Not sarcastically.  I mean, I REALLY mean it!

8.  Our pool water is no longer black.  Y'all, Wayne has been working on this pool since before we left for Hawaii!  I finally convinced him to take a pool sample to one of our local pool places to have the water tested and they told him what to do.  Now we have green water.  Not quite where we need to be, but we're getting there - hopefully by this weekend.  This is the latest we've ever been with getting our pool ready.  Normally, Alise is swimming in April.

9.  Okay I realized after linking up to a few fashion link up parties yesterday that some of my jackets may make me look a little frumpy {which is a personal fear of mine.  So shallow, I know!}.  My first reaction was, Oh, my!  I need to delete that picture, but ya know what?!  I'm 42 years old and I rocked a bikini in Hawaii two weeks ago so HA! WHO  carrrrrres?!

10.  And if you think I'm suffering from a severe case of PMS, then you're probably right! Just keepin' it real, peeps! Just keepin' it real!

11.  Check out the site,  You can thank me later.

12.  I'm not sure how I want to celebrate Mother's Day.  My mom and dad will be out of town, so I'll be spending the day with just Wayne and Alise. The only thing I've asked for is a pineapple charm for my Pandora bracelet to mark our cruise to Hawaii.  I usually ask for charms to "record" special events and we couldn't find a Pandora store in Hawaii.  We found out there was one in Honolulu later on, but we didn't have time to go there.  Wayne seemed to think that buying a pineapple charm in Louisiana for a trip to Hawaii was "against the rules," but I'm okay with it.  It still means the same to me.

12.  Time to get serious before I end this post.  God has used my friends in an amazing way this week! I don't remember what was going on last Friday night - I think Wayne had to work late - and I was in a funk and then my friend Jennifer called.  I hadn't talked to her since we got back from our cruise, only texted, and she called to hear all about our trip.  And I got to hear all about her meeting up with author, Greg Iles, in Natchez while I was gone (leave it up to her!).  We talked for an hour and when I got off the phone, I felt so much better!  I texted my BFF Leigh on Cinco de Mayo and told her about how I had to substitute Froot Loops for a margarita that night.  She made me laugh.  And just yesterday, I got a WONDERFUL email forwarded to me by my blogger BFF, Shelly, who posts over at The Queen In Between.  Go say, Hi and tell her I sent you!  As soon as I read the first line, "Sometimes I want to be God in my kids' lives..." I was in tears.  I had to wrap up the meltdown pretty quick because I had a conference call and I was so glad no one could see my blotchy face at work. But isn't that just like God?  Thanks so much, Shelly!

Keep being real, Peeps!

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Hollie can fix you up with the oils! She's a guru with them. I'm hooked on lavender! And you just need to order two of the clothes you get. I love that tank! And I still need pink converse... See you could be my personal shopper!

  2. I am totally jealous you only have 4 more days left of school!! We don't finish until the end of May. And you did NOT look frumpy! We are way too hard on ourselves....pretty sure we still have it going on with fashion in our forties. Ugh..PMS...I am so ready to be done with PMS...the older I get the worse it seems to be. I totally almost lost my stuff today and kept having to repeat to myself if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

  3. Ok, a few things! I can't wait to hear What you think of essential oils because I have thought about then too for various reasons and would love your opinion. Second, we are going to Taylor swift this summer too!! I can't wait to take Olivia to her first concert. She loves Taylor and if I am being honest so do I!! Last, I can't believe you guys are out of school in 4 days. That is amazing. We are not out until June 19th.

    1. Sandy, I will definitely let you know about the oils! I plan on talking to my friend about them within the next few weeks ( she has a senior graduating this month so I will wait until all that is over). I'll admit, I kinda like TS, too, so I'm looking forward to the concert and getting to experience it with Alise. I think I would DIE if I had to go to school until June 19th! Especially after this week!!

  4. You may want to try Edens Garden oils. Much more cost effective than Young living and they are 100% pure. I did a lot of research on the different companies before I decided on them. I've been using them for several months now and have had great results with headaches, burns, moods, etc. Even making my own shampoo and cleaners now. Love my oils!!