Monday, May 18, 2015

Hawaii - Part Two

You can read Part One of our Hawaiian Cruise HERE.

Canceled, y'all.  

Wayne and I were like balloons that had just deflated. The wind had been knocked out of our sails.  And for you, it may not have been a big deal, but we were flying out of very small airport to a connection in Houston.  We tried EVERYTHING y'all and I do mean EVERYTHING!  But the problem was that a huge storm had hit Houston the night before and they were trying to get those people out first. Without going into a whole lot of detail, the 8:00 flight was also canceled and we did not leave the airport headed west until 11:00 AM!  I told Wayne that if our delay and run-around was any indication of how our trip was going to go, we were in for it!

Veeeeeeerrrrrrry long story, we were able to make the last 3:00 flight from Houston to Los Angeles, then on to Honolulu.  The United airline person felt so sorry for us after she heard Wayne's story and UPGRADED US TO FIRST CLASS, y'all!! I think even Wayne shed a few tears over that one!  Everything was beginning to look great for us again!  I enjoyed me some first class service y'all!!

On the red eye flight leaving LAX to Honolulu

About LAX.  I have never been to Los Angeles, but I do read People so I know that just about all the movie stars travel through that airport.  Unfortunately, for us, we were just hopping off the plane and then getting back on, so we didn't really get to go "through LAX."  And let me just say that I was very disappointed.  I just KNEW Matthew McConaughey was in that airport!  He was looking for me, I just know it!  And because our layover was only like thirty minutes, I only had time for a quick cosmo and then we were off in the air again for six hours to Honolulu! Maybe next time Matt!

Palm Trees on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

By the time we landed in Honolulu, it was about 11:15, which was 4:15AM our time.  We had been up for 24 hours and I was about to fall out on the floor of the Honolulu Airport!  Gosh, we were so, so tired!  

I knew our luggage would never make it with us.  With all the flights and delays we went through in Houston, no one probably knew where our bags needed to go!  So when the last few suitcases were looping, we sighed and made our way to the luggage claim service to find out where are bags were.  Finally, I heard one of the happiest things I had heard all day, "Why, ma'am!  Your bags are right over there against the wall!  They came in on the San Francisco flight right before yours!"  Yes!  Our luggage had been waiting on us!  Luggage through San Fran, us through LAX.  It worked!

Waikiki Beach in Honolulu

We made it to the Pacific Beach Hotel where I finally did sit on the steps inside the lobby while Wayne checked us in. I was just exhausted!  Somehow, someway, we ended up in the Penthouse Suite that night!  I'm not sure if she got our names wrong, or our travel agent was able to pull some strings after our bad day of flying, or if we even paid to have it, but we ended up in the Penthouse!  We unlocked the door, wheeled our luggage in, I took my contacts out, and we went to bed! Nothing but big ol' ZZZZs for us!

On Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

So many big ol' ZZZZZs that we slept through our Pearl Harbor Tour the next morning!

Stay tuned!

Lesson #1 About Hawaii: Fly out the day before your cruise leaves.

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  1. I'm glad both you and your bags made it, flying is no fun in my book.

  2. Glad it all turned out in the end. Great pictures. So sorry we missed y'all on the way to and from, but it is sooo good to be back home.

    1. I hate we missed y'all, too, Lauren, but I know y'all were ready to get home with Katie's things. Can't wait to see pics of her graduation on your blog!

  3. OK, I'm just getting caught up on all your blogs and I am loving the recap. Bummed for the delays but Penthouse--heck yeah!

  4. What a long journey, but SCORE on the upgraded seats and penthouse room! Have a good week!

  5. First class and penthouse!! That almost made up for the trouble!

  6. Well I'm glad you got to fly first class and stay in the penthouse after all that trouble with your flights!

  7. I am so glad to read that you and your luggage made it okay. I haven't flown in years... eeekkk! :)

  8. The colors in the pictures are gorgeous! It's always a funny thing with luggage, not too often is it waiting for you! Glad you guys finally made it and got upgraded.

    1. Thank you, Maren! I don't touch up my pictures before posting them on my blog, so that's really what Hawaii looked like. Once we got there, I was surprised myself with just how beautiful Hawaii really is!

  9. So incredibly beautiful! I would love to get to Hawaii some day.

    I'm happy you finally made it! Bummer you missed Matthew McConaughey though. Next time.

    Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Talk!

  10. Wow this looks awesome. The water is so blue and inviting. So glad you folks could go. My daughter and her husband went to Maui for their Honeymoon and loved it. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Monday Mingle.