Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Shrimp, A Movie & Hawaii

Loved seeing everyone's Super Bowl pictures on social media this past Sunday. And oh, you Patriot fans are something else when it comes to hatin' on the Seahawks!  I thought it was a really great game, though, especially with the last touchdown and all the fights breaking out!  Everyone at our house was on their feet for the last few minutes of the game!

If you follow me on IG, you probably saw most of these pictures already, but I wanted them here on my blog, too.  I wish I had taken more than I did, but honestly, I just didn't think about it.  The food was AH-MAZE-ing!!  So, so good!

I got up early Sunday morning to start decorating.  Our kitchen island is huge and I always make it the focal point of any party.  I just covered part of it with some purple cloth and Mardi Gras beads that I picked up at Walmart.  Because much of our entertaining is done during football season, I bought a football pinata years ago, so I used it and my Happy Everything plate.  I made goody bags for Summer and Leigh.  I put Mardi Gras tinsel filling in clear bags and added my favorite gumbo mix.  I tied off the bag with green ribbon and a small Mardi Gras fleur de lis.  They were SO cute and I wished I had taken a picture of them!

Just look at that yummy King Cake!!  And we kept Leigh's Bread Pudding covered because it was still warm.  It was oh-so good with her "special" sauce to drizzle on top!  How much more Cajun can you get?!

I wanted to include this picture so you could really see how we boiled our shrimp.  I mentioned last week on my Friday Post that we put a big pot on a burner outside and heat the water for the shrimp. Well, this is it!

And here's how yummy the shrimp turned out!

Perfection!  You can't get much better than twelve pounds of boiled shrimp! And three pounds fried!! We tried something new this year.  Normally, we throw in some small red potatoes and corn to soak up some {or alot - ha!} of the heat from the spices in the boiling water. We forgot corn this time, but a friend of mine told me about throwing in cauliflower and so we tried that and let me just say that the cauliflower turned out VERY spicy!!   You may be wondering why the shrimp are sitting on ice in this picture and if you really want to know, I'll have to ask my husband.  All I know is that he boils the shrimp for 25 minutes and then "shocks them" with ice.

Wayne and I had a date night last Saturday.  We went to a local restaurant for appetizers and then went to see "The Loft."  Now, let me just say that we didn't originally have intentions of seeing that movie, but I am so glad we did because it was SO good!  It was like a thriller/mystery.  The movie kept you guessing the whole time.  I was very leary about seeing it because I knew the theme of the movie and I really just wasn't in the mood for alot of rated R activity, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We left the theater with Wayne saying, "I know how to pick a good movie!"

I'm getting VERY excited about our Hawaiian cruise in a few months!  I'm getting serious about watching what I eat and getting a little "fake" sun when i can.  As soon as the weather begins warming up again, I plan on resuming my 5AM walks. I haven't started shopping for anything new to take with me yet but I plan to pick up a few new tops and maybe a new bathing suit.  I have enough shorts and dresses for dinner in the evenings.  My biggest worry right now is that I like to over pack.  I like to wake up and have "choices."  However, this trip isn't going to allow for me to take three pieces of luggage and a carry on! Wayne says that we're packing very light and basic on this trip.  We'll see about that!

By the way!  Has anyone traveled lately?  I want to carry my makeup and a few personal items on the plane with me in case our luggage gets lost.  How are you suppose to pack for purses and carry ons?  Do you still have to have things like shampoo and hairspray in clear plastic bags?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Hope your week is going great!


  1. When my hubby used to travel in New Orleans every week, he would sometimes bring home shrimp - you've got me craving some now :-)

  2. Everything looks so yummy! We are going to Hawaii in April. Cannot wait. In regards to what you can and can't bring through security you can check the TSA website for a list. And yes, most LIQUIDS have to be under I believe 3 oz and in clear bags. Solids are a whole different ball game.

  3. I always carry my makeup on board with me - in a ziplock. Still the 3 or 3.4 oz whatever that size is. But I put it all in a big zip lock.