Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Need Your Help!

Ok obviously, I missed the cute VDay card memo this year.  #momafail.  Alise took store bought cards to school this year.  BUT THEY HAD PENCILS ATTACHED!!!  AND THEY HAD REALLY CUTE DOGGIES ON THEM!!  I just didn't have it in me this year, y'all.  But seeing all the really "innovative" ways you guys rocked the cards this year made me feel guilty for not trying to do better. Until I remembered LAST YEAR when I rocked the cards {my version was alot cuter ifIdosaysomyself} so I thought I'd give myself a pass.  A yearly pass. Because next year will probably be Alise's last year for a VDay party.  Rock on, you Momas!

I'm over the Kardashians.  Not that I was ever "in" to them.  I've never watched their show, but I am SO darn tired of hearing about them in the media.  Get over yourselves!  And I just wanna take Bruce Jenner and shake him.  Say what?!

I'm not an ipod girl.  I don't do the itunes thing.  I don't listen to music while I walk.  I may listen to Pandora at my desk at work {If anyone has a great Pandora station, let me know!} and on the weekends, I'll turn the TV on the 80's channel while I'm cooking in the kitchen.  Having said all that, what's up with this Serial podcast that everyone's talking about?  Have any of you listened to it and is it worth my time?  Because, ya know, my time IS important!

And just so you know, a "blate" is a date with a blogger friend.  I found that out last week, too.

Lastly, I need your help.  This Friday night, we have our school auction.  It's not a dressy thing by no means, but a band will be playing and it's kinda a fun night.  The theme this year is "Rollin' On The River" {I hope they don't play 70's music all night!}.  It's definitely date night for us because the auction doesn't end until midnight and Baby Girl is spending the night with my parents.  My question is:  WHAT DO I WEAR!!  And please keep in mind that I'm trying to shop my closet and save for things for the cruise.  I was thinking kinda funky - well, funky for me anyway - and wear my KISS tee with my military jacket.

But I kinda wanna wear my bomber jacket.  Without the scarf, of course.

And of course, there's my ol' stand by and go-to outfits of leopard and lace!

Or leopard and a vest!

And since our school colors are royal blue and white, I thought about wearing this very old organza blouse with a royal tank under it.  It's very flowy and not very flattering to me, but I like it.  Of course, I would wear the necklace.  Alise looks like she cut her bangs in this picture.  Ahem.

And I also thought about wearing a red blouse I have and skinny jeans and boots.  Sorry.  No picture for that one.  

So help a Sista out!

Peace out to my homies!


  1. My vote is the KISS tee and military jacket.

  2. I second the vote for the KISS tee and military jacket! It looks fun and casual.

  3. Agree with Renee and Danielle!