Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Top 5

Last week as I was reading through a few blogs on the Friday Linkup Parties, I came across this neat way to blog about my Friday Top 5 so I decided to try it. It's just a creative twist to an old way of doing things.  I like to mix things up from time to time.

Currently this week, I'm....

Alise and I are on this French Onion Dip kick.  Sometime around the holidays, she got a taste of this dip - I have no idea from where because I don't normally buy it - and she's hooked.  Well, she and I BOTH are!  I've bought it twice since Christmas.  I remember liking French Onion Dip when I was her age with Ruffles potato chips.  One night the two of us nearly topped off the container while watching Downton Abbey!  Oh, wouldn't the Dowager be appalled?!  So THIS week, I've been so stressed with her homework that she and I have been snacking on it in the evenings before supper.  Not a good habit.  Especially when I'm trying to get to Hawaii weight and shape!  Which brings me to the next thing!

I'm dreaming about Hawaii!  This week, I got our cruise reservation number from our travel agent and set up our online account with our cruise line.  Every night after we put Alise to bed, Wayne and I are on our ipads looking at excursions and dining options and just soaking it all in.  We haven't made any definite plans yet, but we can plan our itinerary right there online and print it out and carry it with us!  Oh, I take that back.  We HAVE made dinner reservations on the evening of our anniversary at one of the guest restaurants. Thank you, Whitney, for all you suggestions and information!

I was so disappointed when Kristin Hannah's new book, The Nightingale, came out on Tuesday and the thing was nearly $15 for the Kindle.  Normally, new books range from $10 - $13.  And I know it's only $2 bucks, but I felt like that was highway robbery!!  When I texted Leigh about it, she told me she was picking up her reserved copy from the library the next day and kindly offered to let me read it while she finished another book.  That was so sweet and of course, I took her up on it.  I'm only about 50 pages in, but so far, it seems to be really good.

Y'all know we had a Super Bowl party at our house last Sunday.  Well, we forgot to take out the trash for not one, but TWO days.  By Tuesday, our house smelled to high heaven!  Oh my gosh, the smell was horrible due to the shrimp hulls and discarded food from game day.  We honestly thought Jack had done a number in his kennel, but amazingly, he didn't have an accident that day.  I don't normally use air freshner sprays because they tend to give me a headache, but I didn't care that night!!  We opened windows, turned on the fans, and sprayed, sprayed, SPRAYED!!  I noticed yesterday there is still a faint smell and I just want to gag when I walk in the house!

I'm trying to get myself motivated to cleaning out our spare bedroom and my "woman cave" this weekend.  Y'all don't know how bad I dread doing it. Both rooms are horrible messes!  Normally, 'regular' folk do their cleaning out and organizing in January, right after Christmas.  Well, since I'm a January Baby, I tend to give myself a little more time...until after the Super Bowl.  The big game marks the official end to football season {this is usually when I get a little depressed that football is over}, the holidays are over and my birthday month has come and gone, and so it's time to get serious about cleaning and purging. I'll let you know next week just how hard I TRIED on this project!

Have a great weekend!  See ya on Monday for our weekly menu plan!


  1. Thanks for the tip on a new Kristin Hannah book - I probably won't pay the full price either - they usually go down if you wait a bit :-)

  2. I'm having a hard time cleaning as well! I just can't get into it this year!

  3. I hear ya on the cleaning! We tackled the family room and kitchen and then I lost steam. Need to get back to it this weekend. Have you tried placing a few bowls of baking soda around the house. Usually works quickly to absorb odors!

  4. Good luck on cleaning out the "woman cave"! I'm jealous that you even have one, but CH would say that the whole house (except for his office) is mine.
    LOVE french onion dip!