Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Valentine Style

My Friday Favorite post this week is all about Valentine's Day!  I hope you have a great time celebrating and spending times with the ones you love!

{one.} My sweet friend, Kristen, is our class room mom this year and she does a great job!  For our Halloween party, she asked me to be in charge of games. Let's face it, nobody wants to be in charge of games!  It's so much easier just to BRING something!  Com'on!  You know what I'm talking about!  But since she asked, I couldn't say no.  So for Halloween, I did THIS and the kids absolutely loved it!   As a matter of fact, they were extrememly disappointed that we didn't have any games planned for the Christmas party {by that time, everyone was just ready to get out of school so we didn't bother}. I asked her a few weeks ago what she wanted me to do for the Valentine party and she gave me the look.  I knew what that meant! is a link to some of the Valentine games we'll be playing a little later today at school!

{two.} I have something really special planned for my two Valentine's tomorrow.  You can check out my plans by clicking HERE.

{three.}  I admit, I'm not a fan of candy hearts.  Sorry to be a Bah-hum-bug or Debbie Downer on Valentine's Eve, but they taste like chalk to me. However, 
do you remember back in 2010 when NECCO, the makers of the candy hearts, asked the public what sayings they would like to appear on the small candies? You can check out the story HERE.  It's a pretty interesting read.  My new favs are "Text Me" & "You Rock." 

{four.}   I know it's too late to order, but I am in love with this shirt for Valentine's Day!  One of my favorite local boutiques, Cara's, posted this pic on IG earlier this week and it would be SO cute with white jeans!  You can now order online! 

{five.}  On Wednesday, we had our annual Mom's Valentine's Luncheon at Alise's school.  I know once she gets in middle school, I'm going to miss days like this!  And even though Baby Girl has been driving me absolutely CRAZY this week, I still love her to pieces!

I'm linking up with these ladies this week!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!


  1. Chalky and all...I love candy hearts! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Haha....another thing we have in common....I would rather do anything but plan the games! But then once I do I always have so much fun seeing the kids all excited. Have fun! And cute outfit. I also can't wait to see how your fondue party comes out. I STILL can't comment when I read your blog in the bloglovin format..blah!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your fondue party! Happy Valentine's Day!

    And yes, planning the party games is definitely not my favorite job either!