Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just Bullet Points

I've got alot to say today, so I thought in order to keep my thoughts from rambling {like they occasionally do...}, I would just bullet point everything.  It's called "staying on task."  Ha!

  • I meant to tell y'all last week that Wayne and I ran into Sadie Robertson on January 1st at our local Best Buy.  We were looking for a new printer for the house when I looked across the aisle and there she was with her boyfriend, Blake.  I whispered to Wayne, "Wayne!  Wayne!  There's Sadie Robertson. She's over there!  Across the aisle from us!"  He looked and didn't seem too impressed.  That is, until I said, "Her boyfriend is from Alabama."  Oh, well!  He was all about talking to Mr. Blake then!  And they did!  Alabama football for about ten minutes.  He was very nice and she was, too, although all she said was, "Hi!" when I asked her how she was doing.  Unfortunately, Alise wasn't with us and when we told her later about it, she was disappointed.  Alise follows her on IG and I just wonder how she would have reacted if she really had seen Sadie!  
  • I think I want a Fitbit.  I haven't done a whole lot of research on them yet, but several bloggers that I follow have been posting about them.  I'm just worried that I would get one and it would just be another gadget.  Lord knows I don't need something else to keep up with!  I think it would be neat if you could use one for about 30 days to see if you like it or not.
  • I am loving this necklace that Big Mama posted last Friday on her blog! She was wearing it in the picture she posted on IG when she had lunch with Beth Moore last week.  Did you see it?  Anyhoo, I noticed the necklace then and when she posted it on her blog on Friday, I took it as a sign that I really, really need that necklace!
  • Hmm....Fitbit or Phara?  Fitbit or Phara?
  • Alise and I went with some girlfriends to celebrate Leigh's belated birthday Friday night.  We pigged out on Mexican cuisine.  We're hoping to turn it into a once-a-month kinda thing.
  • Wayne and I had a date night Saturday night.  I finally got to see Unbroken.  It was good, but I enjoyed the book much better.  I don't like to see people mistreated so I had to close my eyes through some of the harsher parts.  I'm a history buff, so I would have liked to have seen more of the Olympic parts as well as how his life was after the war - which the book talks about.
  • I found a new MAC lipstick color.  It's called, Capricious, and it's a little more sheerer than what I originally wanted, but I like it.  It's a good transition color.  Not that I'm completely over red, of course.
  • I managed to get a little motivation out of the fam this weekend and we cleaned out Alise's drawers and closets as well as mine and Wayne's night stands.  I'm ashamed to admit we had three garbage bags full of trash! Alise's closet looks so bare now that it's been stripped of everything she can no longer wear!  She will definitely need some new clothes this Spring!
  • We have SEVEN tests this week!!  Yay school!!
  • And just what happened to Oregon on Monday night?!  I only watched one play of the game.  It just isn't the same when an SEC team isn't in the playoffs!
  • I'm also ashamed to admit that I did not put any makeup on or do anything with my hair on Sunday.  We took Jack to the groomers for his first appointment {I'm so glad he wasn't traumatized} and now he looks really, really adorable! We made a Walmart run, too, but I nearly had a meltdown over the lady in front of us.  Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you how much food that lady had.  TONS of freakin' food!  And the good stuff, too, like bacon, name brand chips, yada, yada, yada.  When we were FINALLY able to begin putting our own groceries on the belt, I said to her, "You must have boys."  And she said, "No, I have three girls!"  So I was really shocked by that but she said she "makes her run" about once a month and gets everything.  Y'all, I swear I thought that woman's bill was gonna be $1,000.  But it only ended up being like $378.  AND THEN SHE PROCEEDS TO PAY WITH FOOD STAMPS!!!  Now y'all!  This was a woman dressed head-to-toe in LSU attire - she even had the purple tenny shoes to match!  She had solar nails!  I'm sorry, but if you can afford to have solar nails and afford name brand SEC attire that I know your shirt alone costs $75 then YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY YOUR GROCERY BILL AT WALMART!!! She was a prime example of people working the system and using welfare that doesn't need it.  Needless to say, I was ticked!  Especially after we had to wait over twenty minutes in line to check out!
And with that little tirade, I think I'm done for the day!  Happy Wednesday!!


  1. LOVE my Fitbit...when I'm using it. :) I think I kinda got addicted to it last spring. Then I became a slug again and stopped wearing it. It felt like it was mocking me. I'm buying a friend's barely used treadmill this week, so I guess I'll start up again. I need some major motivation. Plus, I'm rocking my Whole30 right now...maybe this will amp things up a bit!! ;)

    Good luck! We can push each other along. Let me know if you get one and we can be "friends" on our Fitbits.

  2. I have a Fitbit Flex. I was so good at wearing it for a long time and then stopped because my phone was acting up and not syncing correctly. I am going to get that figured out and get back to wearing it. I think it will help me track the water I am drinking and push myself to not be so lazy when I get home...every step counts! Josh and I had a lot of fun challenging each other and then comparing at the end of the day. I usually lost because I sit at a desk all day long but it was still good motivation.

    Love the lipstick. My current is almost gone so I might give that one a try. It looks like a color I would pick.

    I have had similar experiences in the checkout lane at Walmart and it make me so mad! The things that people buy!

  3. I think I want a Fitbit too!

    And I'm ready for some OG for your bday!!

  4. We got Katie a fitbit for Christmas (she got her BF one too), they love them. Will have to check out that Mac lip color, love their lipsticks. And, I could just tell where you were going with the Walmart story...Katie sees it all the time at the HEB in Waco!! UGH!!!!

  5. I have a fitbit that we got through Michael's employer. They track your steps and you earn points for your healthcare program. It is a great fitness motivator. I do things like park further away and take a quick walk around the neighborhood just to get more steps in. If your husband or friend has one, you can link up and be a little competitive.

  6. Fitbit Surge is the latest and greatest!! I'm just waiting for mine to be delivered!!! Where/when are y'all cruising? We are cruising out of NOLA on 3/15!! My first time!!!