Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy 2015!!


I want DETAILS!  How was your Christmas?  How did you celebrate New Year's?!

Our Christmas was very low key, but the week of was very busy!  On Tuesday night, Alise and I got all gussied up to attend Cirque du Soliel  - the holiday version - at the Civic Center.  I was really shocked that she didn't like it that much.  We actually left about thirty minutes after intermission because she kept complaining she was hungry.  And where did we end up?  Olive Garden!  If you've been keeping up with my eating out, then you KNOW that I'm about to turn into a piece of pasta!!  Here we are at the show.  Decked out in our leopard, of course!

On Wednesday, we attended our church's annual Christmas Eve Candle Light Service.  I really, really wanted to take some pictures during the candle lighting, but felt that it took away from the true meaning, so I didn't.  But I did get some before pictures {Someone refuses to button her coat up! Or wear Christmas attire to a Christmas ceremony!!}

Alise said several times on the way home how much she enjoyed the service.  It had been years - she was a baby - since she'd been so I know she doesn't remember it.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Wayne as running the roads trying to pick up the newest member of our family and get him in the house without Alise knowing about it!  Meet Jack!!

All I can say is, "Never say never!"  Wayne and I had an inside dog up until Alise was three months old.  We decided to give him away to a good home because I just couldn't handle an inside pet and a new baby.  Ever since Alise's dog, Bo, died last March, she has asked for nothing but for another pet.  We did not even decide to get her a dog until the week before Christmas, so this was definitly a last minute decision.  And I think Wayne wanted a new dog as much as she did. Jack is a schnauzer and he'll be staying inside with us.  Of course we're in the throws of potty training, which it TOTALLY stressing me out, but he's very sweet and has grown so much even since Christmas!  We love him!  He's a keeper!

How could we deny that smiling face?!  She was the happiest little girl on Christmas morning when she woke up to a puppy barking in our bathroom.  She came running in our room to see what was causing all the commotion and began screaming, "A puppy!  A puppy!"

Our day got much quieter, though, when we went to my mom and dad's for Christmas lunch.  My Aunt and Uncle joined us and mom out did herself with all the traditional food that we love.  We opened gifts and visited for most of the afternoon and then we came home to watch "Christmas Vacation" and to take Jack outside for a much needed potty break!  My brother and his kids came to visit for Christmas the following Monday and all the cousins had a blast playing together.

We rang in the New Year with some close friends who decided to have a small party at the last minute!  And it was SO much fun!!  Brad and Leigh fried fish, shrimp and fries.  I made THIS RECIPE and even though I'm not a cherry fan, I thought it was pretty good!  I will definitely make it again!

Cherry Cheesecake Dip
{Recipe from Real House Moms}

Here are a few pictures from our fun, fun night!  I may have posted several on IG, too!  Ha!  We took this picture right before we left for the party.  Our last picture in front of the Christmas tree!  That baby is coming down tomorrow!

And my favorite picture of the night!  I got to meet a very sweet friend named Summer.  She and I have lots of mutual friends, but we didn't officially meet until NYE.  She is SO sweet!  Even if she is an Auburn fan!  Gosh, we can't seem to get away from Auburn people!  Haha!

Oh!  And another favorite!  Another family picture.  I love my peeps!  

A more "serious" picture of the girls!  I loved waking up January 1st and seeing all these pictures on my phone!

And Leigh and I with our blingy shirts!  She cracks me up!  She texted me that afternoon and asked me if I was wearing sequins that night.  Then, the next day, she said she had sequins all over her floor but they weren't red.  I texted back, "You sparkle and now your floor does, too!"

However you celebrated the holidays, I hope you had a very merry time!  I'm excited to see what 2015 brings our family.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Sorry to hear Cirque wasn't the best. Jack is cute as can be, and of course I'm partial to the name. There is nothing like a puppy or kitten for Christmas. My in-laws have a schnauzer and he is a really sweet dog. Good luck with the potty training!

  2. Love all the pictures! Jack is precious.

  3. What a fun night!! We have to get together again soon!!
    Jack is adorable, can't wait to meet him!