Monday, December 22, 2014

The Monday Before Christmas

December 22nd to be exact!  Eeeek!

Y'all, I tole you my hair was bad!  The OWNER of the salon told me on Saturday, "Yea, it's about that time!"  I didn't know whether to be offended or shocked! So I laughed!  Ha ha!  But really!  I was waiting for Anna to show when the owner asked me, "Are you here to see Anna?"  I said, "Yes, I am."  She said, "Are you here for a color?"  I said, "Yes, a color and a cut. Does it look that bad?"  She said, "It's about that time."  Wooooowser!

So here are me and Anna before she went to work on my hair!  We have SO much in common!  We even dressed in the same color on Saturday! 

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I told her that I almost hated to get it cut because I had been having some really good hair days as of late and I hated to ruin a good thing.  However, it had been since AUGUST, y'all, since I've had my hair colored.  It was time!  I feel like a new woman, now!

On Friday night, I took Alise and a friend to see Annie.  Alise and I had the date planned since we saw the previews last summer!  It was a really. really good movie!  I don't know the kid's name that played Annie - and I'm too lazy to look it up - but she just reminded me of a little miniture Whitney Houston!  With that hair, y'all!  Ha! {I told y'all I like BIG HAIR!} Nearly the entire Annie cast from our local theater was in the movie theater with us, so that was a treat!  Alise recognized some of the people since she saw it with her school last Spring {she has a better memory than I do!}.

Yesterday, we skipped church and I slaved SIX HOURS in the kitchen on my Christmas baking binge!  I made a few new things this year, but the peanut butter balls nearly sent me into a stroke!  I had a recipe for some that I had planned to use and at the last minute, Wayne wanted me to make some that his Aunt makes.  I cut the recipe in half and I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it, but it was a complete disaster!  They were so soft that you couldn't even roll them - and that was after I had stuck them in the fridge for a few hours!  I also made the oreo/pretzel/M&M Christmas bark and oh my!  That stuff is addictive!!

Last night, we went to look at Christmas lights in our area and we went in our pajamas.  Alise had hot chocolate and I had a Diet Coke on the way.  She and I belted out Christmas carols on the radio while Wayne drove us around town.  I didn't take any pictures because they could never compare to what I'll I've seen from you guys, but we had a great family night together!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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  1. For some reason, the picture isn't showing up. But, I am sure it is amazing. And girlfriend, I just saw you beforehand and you already looked amazing!
    We will do some baking today and tomorrow. Having to convert things this year to gluten free, so we'll see how that goes! Kate is my baker however, and I am sure she will manage just fine.