Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Top 5 : When It Comes To Food...

A few weeks ago, I came up with the slogan, "When it comes to food, it's okay to be a Scrooge" and it kinda stuck.  I like it!  Maybe I should get a t-shirt printed up!  Just sayin'.

Anyhoo, it's Friday Top 5 and today I'm sharing my top five go-to, Christmas gifting - or in my case, Scrooge-eating - recipes!  These are my family's favorites and they get requested every season.  I normally spend one entire weekend in December doing nothing but baking! I have the Christmas music cranked up, my apron on, maybe a glass of wine {or two}, and before you know it!  There's flour all over the floor and every spoon in the kitchen needs to be washed!  Fun, fun, fun!

Here we go:

{one.} Peanut Butter Blossoms - one package of Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix/one package of Reese's miniature PB cups/Mix dough according to directions/Place small balls of dough in miniature muffin tin and press dough around sides of cups./Place one Reese candy in the center/Cook for about 10 minutes in 325 degree oven.

{two.} Red Velvet Cake Balls - This recipe went around Blog Land a few years ago and I was really skeptical about trying it.  Anything dipped in something just seems like too much work for me, but these are so, so easy!  One package of red velvet cake mix/one tub of cream cheese icing (not the cheap stuff, either!)/white melting chocolate or almond bark/Bake cake according to directions in a 9 x 13 pan/Once cake is cooled, crumble into a large bowl/Mix in the icing and stir and stir/Form bite-sized balls (this can be messy)/Cover and chill balls in the refrigerator/Dip in white chocolate.

{three.}  Marshmallow Cream Fudge - See the back of the Marchmallow Cream jar.  Enough said.

{four.}  Dipped Pretzels - These babies never stick around for very long!  It's just something about the sweet and salty that just get to us!!  If you can, try finding the Christmas pretzels, but if you can't, regular ones work fine, too.  Simply heat up some almond bark in a bowl in the microwave/Pour in enough pretzels so that they are all nicely coated with bark/Place on waxed paper to dry.  I like to sprinkle red and green sugar over mine when I first sit them on the waxed paper.

{five.}  Peppermint brownies - Bake your favorite brownie recipe/ After brownies have cooled, frost them with a thin layer of cream cheese icing and sprinkle crushed candy canes on top!  Easy peasy!  There's something about chocolate and peppermint at Christmas time!

We've got BIG plans this weekend - more about that next week - so I won't be able to do any baking.  It looks like next weekend will be the time that I spend in the kitchen whipping up these and {hopefully} some new recipes!  Enjoy!

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  1. mmm peanut butter blossoms are my husbands favorite! i like them too but chocolate dipped pretzels and sugar cookies are always my first picks! xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a Rikshaw Design giveaway for babies on cornflake dreams

  2. Ok, now I am seriously hungry. YUM!! Dessert before dinner, right?!!

  3. These all sound wonderful! I have made the PB blossoms as cookies, but never in a mini-muffin tin. I will have to give that a try. And I just posted the marshmallow fudge recipe this week. Delicious!