Tuesday, December 09, 2014

December 8th & 9th - Counting 1,000 Gifts

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So Day 8 & 9 didn't happen yesterday NOR today, but I'm okay with it.  No one cares that I'm not having a "Pinterest Perfect Christmas" {I saw that quote on someone else's blog and loved it!}, and I refuse to feel guilty about not getting all of our decorations out this year. That's just less for me to hafta pack back up later.

And speaking of Pinterest Perfect, I tried a recipe last Friday night because A.) I was bored, B.) Wayne was working late, and C.) I had all the ingredients in the pantry.  That's always a bonus when you can make something without planning for it or an extra trip to the grocery store, don't cha think?  So this recipe for Praline Crack had been circling on Facebook and Pinterest and I pinned it a few weeks ago.  Oh, y'all!  Don't even bother!  I don't know whose bright idea it was to call it crack because it was more like CEMENT than anything else!! And a complete waste of a good cookie sheet, too, I might add.  The whole cookie sheet went in the trash!  Note to self: Anything with the word "crack" in it, may just be unedible.

For the last two nights, Wayne and I have been watching "The Red Tent" intermittently.  

The Red Tent (2014) Poster

I say 'intermittently' because I didn't watch it all the first night because I got too sleepy and then when we tried to watch the second half last night, the Lifetime channel decided to become possessed and wig out.  Wayne was so into the show, that he called Direct TV and they told him that it was just that channel and they apologized for the inconvenience.  I told Wayne, "Ya know, I don't watch that much TV and I might've known when I finally get interested in a show, that the channel would decide to wig out!"  Anyway, we found where the show is airing again THIS FRIDAY and if you are at home and aren't doing anything, I would HIGHLY suggest watching it!  It's VERY good! I would even go so far as to record if you ARE doing something this Friday night!  It's the story about Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob, in the Bible and from what I can tell - I researched it - the first two hours are very close to the story in the Bible.  The second half of the show, not so much.  I think it's just the writer's own personal thoughts, but it's still worth watching.  Let me know what you think!

And speaking of Lifetime, Whitney, will be premiering on January 17th.  I'm torn about this, but I will watch it.  She was one of my favorites in the '80's and '90's.  A life cut too short by bad decisions.

So Prince William and Princess Kate are in New York this week.  Was anyone else surprised to see Kate in a pony tail at the WTC Memorial?  And who gets to decide who gets the chance of a lifetime to meet the Prince and Princess?  I can think of a TON more people than LeBron James and Hillary Clinton!
Remembering: The couple left a handwritten note with the white roses in memory of those who lost their lives

We are just living life this week.  Wrapping up the last week of the first semester at school. I'm happy to report that Alise will have all A's again this nine weeks.  I am very proud of her! Her school's Christmas program is next week so she's looking forward to dressing up for that.  We decided to enroll her in private tumbling lessons so she has her own personal coach.  Alise got her back handspring a few months ago, but she's continuing to practice it as well as learn some new cheer stunts.  I would love for her to cheer with the middle school girls {6th - 8th} next year, but I don't think that will happen.  Those girls are alot bigger than her and I don't think they've ever let an elementarty cheerleader on the middle school squad. She would make a darn good flyer, though.

UPS is busy so that means Wayne is working late nights and playing Santa to all the kids on his route.  He's tired and mostly comes home to eat and goes to bed.  I, on the other hand, need to get my butt in gear and start wrapping some presents!!  Christmas will be here soon!

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  1. I read The Red Tent many years ago, but don't remember it at all. Wish I would have known about the tv show!