Thursday, December 04, 2014

December 4th - Counting 1,000 Gifts

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I am SOOO excited about today's gift!!

Notice how the challenge says, A GIFT CIRCLING, CROWNING, CRAFTED.  Doesn't say that the gift has to be mine, PERSONALLY...but the gift is mine because now I know about it.  Sorry.  I'm rambling.

{And, just for the record, let me say how SO very glad I am that today wasn't a 3 gift challenge because that woulda been WAY hard!}

Here it is!

I bet you think it's mine, too, don't you?


This is the ultrasound picture from some sweet friends of ours that we've been praying for for a very, very VERY long time!!  Of course, they are BEYOND excited!!  When J sent me the picture this morning, I just knew it was my gift for the day!

Doesn't that look like a little person in that circle?  It looks like a head and shoulders.

So this is my CIRCLING, CROWNING, CRAFTED gift today!  The picture has a circle, one day the baby will crown, and it was crafted by God.  

BAM!  That's good stuff y'all!!

Count your gifts.  Name them one by one.  And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

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