Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December 2nd - Count 1,000 Gifts

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It's December 2nd.  Day two of "Count 1,000 Gifts" for December.  Today's challenge:  THREE GIFTS BRIGHT.  Here we go!

{one.}  A BRIGHT idea.  I mentioned yesterday Ann Vonkamp's newest book, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.  I think I might like to have one of these books, but I feel like our family may have "outgrown" it.  And I say that without even opening the book; I'm just basing my assumption on what I've read from friends.  And then, of course, I feel guilty because do you really ever "outgrow" the Greatest Gift?  So my bright idea today is to purchase this for a friend at work!  After many years of infertility, she became pregnant with twin boys!  They are nearly two and a half now and I just know they are going to love this! I'll give it to her early so they can enjoy it and hopefully make it a family tradition!

{two.}  Bright Lights.  I decided to do something different with our front door this year.  I went with a more simplistic theme!  Instead of all the mesh ribbon - in two different colors - and the garland and all the decorations, and all the fluffing and refluffing that goes along with all that, I decided not this year.  So after I took all the same stuff mentioned previously down for Halloween, I just left the garland and lights.  Simple.  The painted burlap Santa face that normally goes on our kitchen/carport door is gracing the front.  I love my tomato cage Christmas trees so much that I decided they could come down from the attic and help out the garland by shining BRIGHTLY.  We put icicle lights across the front of the house, too.  We are the beacon of the neighborhood is all I can say!  Ha!  I know our neighbors think we're so lazy because we left the lights on 24/7 for the first five days!  Oh, well!  That's how we roll sometimes!

{three.}  A Bright Future.  I may have apologized for yesterday's white picture of the nativity, but I absolutely refuse to apologize for being an '80's girl!!  Ha!  So as I was racking my brain trying to come up with a third BRIGHT gift, I couldn't help but think of these two '80's tunes:  "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" by Timbuk3 & "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart.  I won't bore you "generationers" with all the details - and how '80's & 90's music was the absolute best - but when I think of something BRIGHT, I think of wearing sunglasses.  I hate to squint and I hate to be without a pair of shades - especially in the summer!  

But as a child of God, my future IS BRIGHT!  God has this.  He has my life in the palm of His hand.  And no matter what life brings, He knows my future.  I needed this today!

Count the gifts!  Name them one by one.  And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done!

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  1. I love the sunglasses!! And I love that God does know our futures. Thanks for reminding me!