Tuesday, December 02, 2014

December 1st - Count 1,000 Gifts

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I've decided to do Ann Voskamp's "Count 1,000 Gifts" for the month of December.  I'll share my list and/or photos here on my blog and Instagram.  I need this.  I really need this! Please consider joining me with this challenge!  Let's use the hashtag '#count1000giftsdecember' so that we can all see one anothers' gifts!  Spread the word!

Have you bought Ann's new advent book, Unwrapping The Greatest Gift?  It was on sale on Amazon on Black Friday for like $10 and I wish I had bought it then, but I did not.  I think it's probably a wonderful book for families with smaller children.  

So today's challenge is to record THREE WHITE GIFTS.  Here are my three:

{one.} Olaf.  It may be a little sacreligious to include a picture of Olaf, but so be it.  There's a story behind it.  This morning before work, I went to Walmart to pickup a Christmas gift for Baby Girl and I saw a huge, stuffed Olaf in the bedding section where I was.  "Frozen" took theaters by storm this time last year and I'm sure every little girl under the age of nine is dreaming of getting something with Elsa or Anna printed on it {I say age nine, because unfortunately, Alise has outgrown Frozen}.  Seeing Olaf today and deciding to take the 1,000 gifts challenge for December reminded me of the joy and happiness of the season.

{two.}  White plates.  With spaghetti.  Lots and lots of spaghetti.  Perferably from Olive Garden as well.  Nearly a year ago, our Olive Garden went up in a blaze of glory!  My friends and I have been waiting patiently - ever so patiently - for it to reopen.  Have you ever lived in a town with no Olive Garden?  Today, our's reopened and I was there, standing in line with it wrapped around the restaurant at 10:45 in the morning, waiting patiently - ever so patiently - to get my pasta fix with some very dear friends!

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{three.}  Nativity.  I will go ahead and apologize for the quality of this picture.  However, when it's pouring down rain in five o'clock traffic on a Monday after a holiday, and I'm speeding to make a private tumbling lesson, whell.  It is what it is.  There is a church in our city that has a life size nativity every year.  The church is on the corner of a busy intersection and is completely white - I'm not sure what it's actually made of - but it would be sorely missed if it wasn't there every year.  It's my favorite nativity in our area and brings back too many memories of Alise asking, "Baby Jesus?  Baby Jesus?" every day during December when we passed the church seven or eight years ago on our way to daycare.  I needed to see this yesterday!  I needed the reminder of the simplicity, the beauty, and the wonder of the Birth of Christ!

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Count the gifts!  Name them one by one.  And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done!

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  1. I have ordered that advent book, but it hasn't arrived yet. We'll have to do a little catch up when it gets here. I love that you are thankful for Olaf! Ha ha!