Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tour of Homes Fail

Okay so I totally failed when it came to Kelly's Christmas Tour of Homes this year, but like I've tole y'all before, I didn't get all our Christmas stuff out this year ANYWAY, so it really doesn't matter.  I enjoy looking at everyone ELSE's homes all decorated for the season, so it's a win for me.

{But, hey, I did get my Top 5 on Friday post out on time and if you're in the mood to bake some Christmas treats, ya might wanna check that one out!}

I need to get on my soap box for a few minutes.  Cue the mic, Peeps!

So, long story short, I found out on the way to school - because Alise is nearly in tears - that some of her class mates and very best friends got "letters" {and I'm being vague for a reason} earlier in the week {Alise likes to tell me things DAYS after they happen!} from a prestigous college.  Fourth grade, now.  The children that received the letters are straight A students. Alise is a straight A student.  Alise did not get a letter. 


No drop off in the car line that morning.  I actually parked!!

I started with her teacher, who knew absolutely nothing about the letters except to say that they were in her box with the children's names on them.  She put the letters on the children's desks that morning earlier in the week.  She told me that I would need to talk to our Principal.  Wrong answer. If you are the teacher, you need to know what you're passing out to your kids.

So then I march down to the Principal's office - I won't even go there how I feel about that one!  - and I told her that I needed to talk to her.  She took me in her office and I asked about these "letters."  Apparently, Alise did not score within the first 90th percentile of her class on her school's standardized test last Spring.  I asked about a new student that did recieve a letter and was told that she scored within the 90th percentile at her old school - I won't even go there about that - but I was fine with the explanation.  I was not mad or jealous about Alise not receiving a letter after I understand why she didn't receive one.  She didn't score high enough.  Okay.  The letters were basically to the PARENTS letting them know and that they could get more testing, blah, blah, blah.  Our principal told me that it was really not a big deal until the 6th grade and that Alise had two more years to get her scores up. Whatever.

WHAT I DID HAVE A PROBLEM WITH was how these letters were distributed!  These letters should have been MAILED HOME TO THE PARENTS!!!  They should NOT have been given out at school!!  First of all, it's a pretty big thing!  It's great news!  Have the @$#% courtesy to send the letter BY MAIL!!  Second of all, kids talk!  Now, my daughter is sitting in class, upset, because she KNOWS she's a straight A student and she didn't get a letter AND SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHY!!!

So yea!  I had all that drama last week!!

Bah humbug!!

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  1. It definitely would have been better if the teacher would have mailed them or even quietly given them to students individually with directions to give to their parents. :(