Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Christmas Card Carousel

MERRY CHRISTMAS and welcome to our blog!

If you're visiting from Faith's Christmas Card Carousel or The Calhoun Clique thanks for stopping by!  I love meeting new people!  Leave me a comment so I can stop by to see your Christmas card, too!

Let me start off by saying oh, how I wish I had done a better job of keeping up with my yearly Christmas cards!  I do have a few that - in the "early years" - I never put on the blog, but I am missing a few years, too.  Note to younger moms:  Save at least one or two of your Christmas cards every year.  I have seen so many great ways others have displayed their family cards every year and it's such a great memory piece!  Also remember to put the year on your card, too.  Here are a few that I was able to find on our blog from Christmases past.

This one is one of my favorites!  Wayne and I set up the "camera shoot" right in our living room!  We just threw a white sheet over a door and starting taking pictures!  I got the idea from the internet {pre-Pinterest}.  Alise was three and I just loved those pajamas.  That was our precious polka dot year! 

We took Alise to her first Alabama game when she was five.  Wayne insisted on an Alabama - themed  card that year.

Another Christmas favorite. I loved the chalkboard design and this was another "at-home" Christmas shot right in our very own front yard!  Everyone wanted to know where I got Alise's skirt last year.  It came from Claire's, if you can believe that, for about $12!  She loved getting to wear it to all her Christmas parties.

For some reason this year, I wasn't interested in the family Christmas card.  I think because our end of summer and entire Fall have been filled with nothing but CHEER!  It just seemed perfect to me that this "at-home" picture would be our card this year because it summed up our world lately.  My initial plans were to go in a blue theme to be different, but I ended up liking this style of card much better.  I wish I had remembered to have the year put on the card.

Merry Christmas from the Hortons!!


  1. Love the cheerleader card!! :) I have kept up with all of our cards since the girls have been born, but really wish I had them from all 15 years of marriage. :( We used to use beach vacation pics or even took a posed picture with Molly pup one year. :)

  2. That is adorable! Love the cheer card. Will be fun for her to look back on.

  3. Super cute Cheer Theme!

    Merry Christmas ans thanks for joining us!

  4. Love the cheer theme - it goes perfectly with the season! Thanks so much for linking up! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Love the Christmas cheer card!! What a great idea!!

    Thank you for joining our link-up and Merry Christmas!!

  6. What a cute card! And, perfect way to capture what your life is about these days. I love it!!

    Thank you for joining in the fun again! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  7. Merry Christmas to the wonderful Horton family! I love how your card came out. Found your post on the Christmas Card Carousel :-)