Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Fake Tree That Keeps Growing


Let me just start off by saying - and I think I either Tweeted this this past weekend or IG'd it, but whatevah - my living room has shrunk!  At least that's what it feels like with this monstrosity of a Christmas tree I now have in my living room!!  Good grief!

Now's there's a story coming, so sit back and grab a cup of mojo or hot chocolate.  This may be a lengthy post.  But here's a pic of the tree that I IG'd on Friday night right after Mr. Horton got it put up {I may or may not have finished "fluffing" at the top.  Ahem!}  And I decided the same night to take down my curtains and wash them so that's why the pic looks so drab.  Excuses, excuses!

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Sometime this past January, I purchased this tree for $35!  It was regularly $299.99. What a mark up!  I was so excited about getting it up as soon as possible and Mr. Horton was so sweet to put it together for me.  It was up screaming BEHOLD before 7 o'clock Friday night! BEHOLD, indeed!!   Now, I have to be careful because our ceilings are not very high in our living room and I like to do all the shnazzy junk at the top, so I was worried that it wasn't going to fit.  Oh!  It fit alright!!  BEHOLD!!

Alise spent the night with a friend Friday night and I promised her that she could help me decorate on Saturday.  But I ended up coming down with a migraine and so that didn't happen.  We stayed home from church on Sunday only because the weather was cold and rainy and I couldn't drag my fat butt out from underneath the warm covers.  When I finally did manage to get out of the bed, we decided to decorate the tree!  And that was after I made French Toast, too.  Here's a picture!

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Notice the red curtains back up!  Newly laundered and ironed!  This picture was taken with the living room lights on.  The thing with this tree is that the lights are more "goldy" and so the decorations and over all look make the tree look "goldier," too.  With the same decorations, my tree in previous years was truly red and lime green.  Not so with this one. Kinda disappoints me because it's not the look I'm going for.  Even the red and lime green mesh garland looks gold.

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Here's another picture.  From a different angle and with the lights off.  I guess I'm disappointed, too, because the tree is probably a little too big for our living room.  Our room is not huge, but it's open to the kitchen and in front of the window is the only place it can really go.  I've realized with an extra one and a half feet (my old tree was six foot) I need to buy more ornaments, but I swear with every ornament we put on the tree, it grows two inches!  I'm a cheapo when it comes to ornaments, too!  I only buy them on sale!  But look at this beauty I bought today at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!
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The picture doesn't do it justice.  The ornament is really red, not coral.  But the beading and extra bling make it look like leopard!  Y'all know I'm all about some leopard!!  I'm hoping I can find some more when HL marks them down to 60% off in a few weeks!!

I apologize if this has been a boring post, but unfortunately, I think there's gonna be alotta "tree talk" in the future here on the blog!

I'm curious though!  What style do you decorate your Christmas tree?  Is it a traditional tree?  Do you have a theme?  Is it more rustic - which seems to be the style this year?  How many trees do you put up in your home?

Also, I think Boo Mama use to host a Holiday Home Tour in Blog Land a few years ago.  Has anyone heard if someone is doing that this year?

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  1. It looks great and you are so far ahead of me. I won't even think about Christmas decorating until I recover from Thanksgiving. Jennifer Rizzo usually hosts a holiday home tour.