Monday, November 17, 2014

Holidays Southern Style

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Last night I attended I little shin-dig at First West featuring two of my favorite bloggers, Big Mama and Boo Mama!  I've been reading their blogs since I started blogging nearly eight years ago and if you're not currently reading their blog - or books - you are truly missing out!  I have a friend-of-a-friend to thank for even letting me KNOW about Melanie and Sophie visiting our area!  I had no idea they were even coming until my blog friend, Candy, messaged me to ask if I knew anything about it, to which I did not.  A friend had asked her about it.  So I went to the church's website and sure enough, the girls were coming!  I debated for a few days about going just because the weather was so bad here this weekend, but I just decided that I may never get to see them again and I needed to do something for myself, so I went!

And let me just say, these girls are a HOOT!  

Poor Sophie had broken her ankle the week before and needed helping walking up the steps to the stage.  She did a great job reminding us of the story of Elizabeth and Mary in the Bible and how this holiday season we need to minister to our friends and family that we welcome into our homes and not get caught up in the holiday rush.  Her new book comes out in February.
Melanie retold the Christmas story and "preached" about how we need to walk  in the awe that Jesus actually walked on this earth.  Her book comes out in April.  And just for the record, I know her best friend, Gully's, real name.  But I can't tell!  The picture above wasn't very good.  Melanie liked to stay behind the pallet while she talked.  But I noticed her purple jacket and I was in love!

After the conference, Sophie and Melanie signed books.  The line wasn't very long and I was bound and determined to get my picture with them!

Sophie was SO funny!  She drove over from Birmingham that morning and it was fun to hear her mention places like Meredian and Pearl, Mississippi.  She's a die-hard Mississippi State fan and y'all would be proud of me!  I just didn't have the heart to say, "Roll Tide!"  I held it all in!

Then!  It happened!  As I walked up to Melanie's table, I noticed the purple coat!  AND I REALIZED I HAD THE EXACT SAME COAT!!  Now, if y'all read Big Mama's blog, y'all know that every Friday is "Fashion Friday," so having the EXACT SAME COAT as a fashion blogger, well!  I felt I had arrived, y'all!!  When I walked up to her table, I said, "I'm SO pumped!!  We have the exact same jacket!!"  She said, "Oh, really?  Where did you get your's?  I got mine at the car wash.  We have a car wash in our neighborhood that's half car wash and half clothing!  And they have it in so many colors!"  I said, "Yea, I know!  I would love to have the bright red one!"  And then she said, "Have you seen the turquoise?  That coat is fine!  What color do you have?"  I said, "I have the purple!  Just like yours!  Purple is my favorite color!"  She was SO nice!!  And I loved the way she paired the coat with a denim shirt, leggings, and cowboy boots!

What a fun night!

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  1. How fun too meet them - I love their friendship. Looking forward to both of their new books too :-)