Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feast, Friends, And That Tree

Yesterday, Alise had a Thanksgiving feast at her school for lunch and parents and grandparents could come.  I felt a little sad when I left because I realized I only had one more year left to do this with her.  I know what you're thinking: that's 356 days away!  And you would be right!  I guess I was just feeling a little sentimental.  And seeing this picture makes me realize how horrible my hair looks, but I'll save that discussion for another day!  I would also like to point out, too, that I am wearing a scarf.  I hardly every wear scarves.  For someone that likes turtlenecks as much as I do, it's strange that I don't care for scarves around my neck.  But I tried something new and I liked the look.

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And here she is with some of her cheer friends!

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Update on the tree.  Here's a close up picture of the top.  I haven't played with it yet like I said I would, but I did add the glittery, red squiggly things.  Can you see them?  I got them on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  I have two poinsettias at the top, but I think they need to be bigger.  I found some bigger ones, but those things were $14 bucks a piece!  I decided to wait until they go on sale more.  I also bought some bigger green shatter-proof balls to help bring out the green a little bit more.  It's coming together.  I'll just have to add a little every year.

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It's suppose to be cold and rainy here again this weekend so maybe I'll get some more decorating done!  Have you started decorating for Christmas?

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