Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This week, I've come down with a case of the blah's.  I like to think of it as "my-forties-are-catching-up-with-me" syndrome.  My entire body aches, especially my back.  I'm scared to say that I haven't had a migraine yet for fear that I might jinx it, but at this point, that's about all that hasn't hurt or ached this week {as of this writing, anyway}.  My metabolism is shot to you-know-where.  I can eat something and I feel like it just sits in the pit of my stomach.  For now, the cooler temps are the only things drawing me out of the bed at five o'clock every morning to walk three miles and yesterday morning I woke up in wet sheets due to night sweats.  I have this awful metallic taste in my mouth that requires me to chew gum nearly all day.  I also think I'm getting a stye.  It's just so depressing to get old.  So I scheduled a "hair mask" appointment at the salon last night while Alise was at art lessons and I felt a little better.

Seeing Alise's test schedule for the week on the way to tumbling Monday evening CERTAINLY didn't help matters!  Nine tests, y'all!  NINE FREAKIN' TESTS!!  Y'all don't know how close I came to throwing my hands up in the air and saying, "I'm done!"  But I feel like with the new nine weeks beginning, I just can't do that.  It's easier to do at the end than the beginning.  So this week, we're identifying U.S. cities on a map based on longitude and latitude degrees, multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers, and studying reproduction.  Yay me!!

The beautiful menu I posted on Monday flew out the window as well this week.  We had cereal for supper last night.  Cereal.  And it was oh-so good.  Wayne is off work for the next three weeks on vacation, so our meals will be simple and probably come from the freezer. What can I say?  I like to take advantage of having a Mr. Mom at home to make supper even if it means having the same ol' same ol'.

On the brighter side, plans for the Halloween party for Alise's class are coming together.  I've finally finalized the clues for the flashlight scavenger hunt and I think the kids are gonna love it!  I've decided to buy most of the food instead of preparing/baking it myself.  I don't need anymore stress right now.  I'm all about easy peasy these days.  Alise says her friends are really excited and looking forward to it.  Next Tuesday, we have Pumpkins on Parade at school and this is the first year that Alise decided not to enter a pumpkin in the contest.  She still wants to go to the hot dog meal and carnival though that evening.  Then, Friday night is Halloween and we will be spending it trick-or-treating with our friends as always, with snacks at our house afterwards.  And then Saturday night is the BIG party at our house.  Can you tell we like Halloween?  I finally tossed the ol' poodle skirt last year, so I'll be costume-less.  I just haven't had time to figure something else out.

Here's to hoping for a better end to this week!

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