Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September is Here!

Let me start off by saying that we've been busy!  And I SO don't want our blog to turn into a "what's-for-supper" only kinda thing because it really is the story of our lives.

But we've been busy.

School has started and so have tests and extra-cirricular activities!!  School is going well! Alise had FIVE tests the first full week of school and she made A's on all of them.  Very proud of her!  She's reading more with the Cafe reading program that our school uses {and that I'm not fond of, but that's a story for another day...}.  She and I are reading a book together at night that I read when I was her age called, Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. We had Open House at our school last week so I got to meet her teachers - three to be exact. Her homeroom teacher, Mrs. O is young and energetic.   She has taught for only three years and I think she still has some things to learn about our students and how involved the parents are at our school.  Our private school is much different than the public school she taught at previously.  Alise's reading and Language Art teachers have both taught at RO for over twenty years and although I am not a fan of the reading program or the fact that the teachers alternate teaching days, I'm going to give it a go for now and see how things turn out.

We started back with tumbling on Monday nights and I absolutely hate that our class is so late!  By the time we get home, it's bath time and then straight to bed.  Alise is in a cheer and back hand spring class now and she is still working on getting that BHS on a flat floor.  She can do it on an incline mat, but as she told me, "Moma, it's a lot harder pushing off on the flat floor."  Ok, Sista!  I know she will get it soon!  Because cheerleading has become her world!!

Yes, cheerleading.


I hear cheers 24/7.  Even in my dreams!

Our first official game to cheer is later today and I'm nervous because of Alise's migraines and the heat.  I really don't know how she's going to handle it.  I'll be there with extra water bottles and ice packs.  Her squad performs at the pep rallies every Friday and I think they will be cheering at some of the varsity games as well.

We have a new Big Sis this year named, A, and of course, Alise is in love with her!!  She's a very sweet girl and also made Homecoming Court this year {HC is early for us this year}!  A fellow cheer mom found some capes on clearance at Walmart last week and bought all the 4th grade girls one to wear to the pep rally.  Here are some pics from the Super Hero Pep Rally last week:

I just hope one day - if Alise decides to pursue cheer - that she will be as nice and sweet as the two Big Sises that she's been lucky enough to have the last two years!  The little girls just eat that time up with the older ones and it's special to see!  Annie was sweet enough to give Alise and Becca tumblers filled with candy last Friday after the pep rally.  I plan to get her a gift certificate to a local boutique this week as a way of saying congratulations for making HC court.  I can't imagine how much these parents spend on HC court attire, but it's got to be a fortune!  The girls wear long, formal gowns the morning of the pep rally when they are presented and then later that night at the game, they wear nice suits and hats and heels.  I'm hoping Annie can find some nice jewelry to wear with the gift certificate.

This past weekend, Wayne and I were glued to the big screen in the theater room all Saturday afternoon.  We watched all the SEC games, but I finally had to give up on LSU and go to bed. Without going into a lot of detail, I am very disappointed in our team so far. Alabama has never had a problem defensively, but on Saturday, I tweeted that they were still in the locker room.  They were a no show.  I'm still no quite sure how we pulled that win off!  Here's hoping for a better performance this week!

It's September!  It's Fall!  All I've been looking at on line are leggings, boots, and dresses! Oh, how I wish the weather would just cooperate!  I'm praying that cooler temps are headed our way soon!

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  1. All the cheerleadng photos are so cute. Good luck with the back handspring. It's a hard skill, but once she gets it she'll have it forever and nail all those tryouts :-)